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A dental visit can reveal so much valuable information about your oral health in a relatively short time.

What does an initial visit include?

We take a set of digital X-rays to look at the enamel structure and bone level.  Each tooth is carefully examined, including wisdom teeth, which so often cause issues for young and old patients alike.

The dentist does a comprehensive exam to determine the type of cleaning: a prophy (basic) or deep cleaning (more involved).

The hygienist and dentist review all of the records together, including the charting of the pockets, and X-rays to come up with a detailed Treatment Plan.

The most important part is the photos! And getting your main concern addressed.  We review patient photos inside the mouth and get to the main reason why you’re here today to provide the most accurate, sequential and timely care possible.  First priority treatment is recommended for your concern areas, as well as cavities and places of infection.

Can you believe this visit can take from only 1-1.5 hours? This includes leaving our office feeling like your teeth are sparkling clean and smooth, and bacteria removed with gentle care and use of the latest technology.

Best part: this visit is usually $0 because your dental insurance covers it in full!  Let us check for you today.