You will often have an idea of what your dentist is going to say before you sit in the chair. That’s especially the case when it comes to the recommendation of braces or Invisalign in South Everett.

Many people want to be prepared. This helps settle some anxiety before sitting in the chair and helps you ensure there’s money available if you’re not covered by insurance. Here are five signs that your dentist is likely to recommend something to help straighten your teeth.

Your Teeth Are Crooked

The main sign that you need braces or Invisalign in South Everett is that you have a crooked smile. A small problem isn’t going to require a lot of work, unless you want to get your teeth straightened. It’s when the crookedness of the teeth affects your ability to clean properly, is highly visible to others, or is impacting the rest of your oral health. Your dentist will often recommend one or the other to make sure your teeth can grow normally to avoid more cavities and gun issues.

There’s Too Much Space Between Teeth

As adult teeth come through, you may see that there are larger gaps than normal. This is going to impact the teeth growing in the future, and it can cause some adult teeth to either not get through or to push other adult teeth out of the way. Your dentist will want to pre-empt that, which leads to the suggestion of braces or Invisalign in South Everett.

You Have Too Many Teeth for Your Jaw Size

While you may have the regular amount of teeth, your jaw size may not be large enough for them all. Then there are others who have extra teeth that grow. Both of these are a sign that you’ll need something to straighten your teeth in the future. The dentist will need to remove the extra teeth and use braces or Invisalign to pull the other teeth into the right place.

You Lost Your Baby Teeth Early

Baby teeth tend to start coming out when a child is around six years old. Teeth that fall out a couple of months early won’t cause too much harm. There is an issue if the teeth fall out much earlier than that. This is a sign that your dentist may end up recommending braces or Invisalign in South Everett as it impacts the way the adult teeth come through.

You’re Conscious of Your Smile

Do you worry about the way your teeth look? This could be due to coloring, and the dentist will help recommend products to deal with that. Another reason is due to how the teeth sit. If you’re overly conscious about your smile, your dentist may recommend straightening the teeth.

There are different ways to straighten the teeth now, and dentists understand oral health better now than they ever have done before. If you have any of the issues above, you may find that your dentist recommends braces or Invisalign in South Everett in the future.