At All Smiles Family Dentistry, we are proud to offer the the latest dental technology to achieve the best possible treatment outcome for you. Our goal is to treat you in the safest & most comfortable way possible.  Here is how our practice is unique…

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Same-Day Dental Crowns  (Metal-Free)

Experience the next wave of comfort, convenience, advanced technology and durable materials using CAD/CAM:  the single-day crown.

Forget about dental temporary crowns or goopy impressions; with a few scans we can have your case complete within 1 visit.

Dr. Furman has training in CAD/CAM stemming from 2010 when she worked alongside one of the region’s most prolific doctors and took hands-on courses learning to design, mill and stain/glaze a ceramic or zirconia crown to ideal specifications.  In the last decade, the advancement of the 3D scanning and milling has gone to new heights. We are so excited to offer the latest products and highest rated materials for your dental needs. Our entire team is trained in 3D scanning.


VistaClear and VistaPure: Water Filtration System

At All Smiles Family Dentistry we are proud to provide the highest purest water available for our patients using the VistaClear & Pure Systems.

We care about the water which goes into your mouth during a dental procedure.

Vista uses centralized submicron water filtration, backflow prevention and supplies fresh-filtered water to each dental chair.  The water each patient gets during the appointment is pure and clean.  This patented and award winning system remains the “gold standard” in the industry for over 15 years!  At our new location in Mill Creek Town Center we had the ability to build an office of our dreams — fully renovating the plumbing structure.

VistaClear filters remove up to 99.9% of microbial contaminants that often reside in city water supplies. The effective sub-micron filtration and the lack of harmful chemicals also removes bacterial contamination coming from most city water supplies.   Check it out in our office!

Unique Dental Massage Chairs – Stress Busters

Get a gentle/subtle lower back massage to help relieve stress and anxiety.

These dental massage chairs are unique and one-of-a-kind.

Patients LOVE this feature when they come in.  You can also request to turn the massage off.

Available in our Mill Creek location.

Digital X-rays

Dental x-rays are important diagnostic and preventative tools that provide valuable information about your oral health. Many problems cannot be seen seen in a regular dental examination. Digital (or electronic) radiographs help us safely and accurately detect hidden problems a

nd propose an accurate treatment plan. For example, a cavity can be detected before it reaches the nerve and causes pain. This can eliminate the need for a root canal.

Compared to traditional dental x-rays, digital x-rays produce a significantly lower level of radiation. In addition to reducing your time in the dental chair, they are safer, faster and more comfortable to take. We follow universal precautions by only taking those x-rays that are necessary, and using lead apron shields to protect the body.



  • Decay (cavities) between the teeth
  • Abscess and infection
  • Bone loss leading to periodontal disease
  • Poor tooth and root positions
  • Inner tooth and below-the-gum problems
  • Tumors and developmental defects




This machine allows dentists to look at structures of the head and neck, including: wisdom teeth, jaw joints, implant placement sites, the sinuses, development of baby teeth and adult teeth, infections, bone problems, extra teeth, and many more!  The machine is designed to look at kids as well as adults, and elderly people who struggle with standard X-ray sensors that go in the mouth. This is especially useful for gaggers, people with bony areas of the mouth, emergency patients with difficult opening, people with wisdom teeth or braces, people with multiple missing teeth.  It greatly enhances our diagnostic capabilities and emits much less radiation than standard machines (non-digital).



Transillumination  –  Radiation-Free Cavity Detection


Our office incorporates a cavity detection tool without radiation.  As an alternative to X-rays, transillumination technology allows the doctor to accurately see tooth decay (cavities) with a click of a button. X-rays cannot always capture the exact location or size of the decay so this tool is a nice alternative! Patients appreciate the extra step our doctors take to properly and conservatively diagnose the problem. The knowledge of a cavity location helps to preserve more of your natural tooth structure.

Come experience the difference at our innovative dental practice, where patient care and comfort always comes first.


All Smiles Family Dentistry is happy to have the VELscope System into our dental practice. The VELscope is  approved by the FDA and is a revolutionary hand-held device that provides dentists with tool to aid in the early detection of oral cancer. The VELScope exam only takes a few minutes. The dentist shines a blue light into the mouth to cause it to fluoresce, which helps the doctor visualize abnormal tissue that may be, or may lead, to oral cancer. For more information please visit or call All Smiles Family Dentistry with your questions, and to schedule an appointment.



A technology that is able to detect cavities in their earliest stages, often missed by X-rays. The technology also sees healthy and infected tissues in the mouth. The patient is able to see details in real-time and in high-definition.


An alternative to the rubber dam which prevents debris from going down the back of the throat, the Isolite is a wonderful device that serves multiple functions to increase both patient and doctor comfort. The Isolite allows the patient to relax their jaw during a procedure, while suctioning and protecting the throat, tongue and cheeks.



Dental Laser:

The Gemini 810 + 980 diode laser is an FDA-approved dual-wavelength soft tissue diode laser that can be used in the mouth to treat dozens of issues: bleeding gums, overgrowth of gum tissue related to braces, connected lip junctions, canker sores and herpes lesions, infection drainage, implant treatment, periodontal (gum and bone) disease, deep cleaning, crown and bridge preparation, unexposed baby teeth, flap removal around wisdom teeth, and much more!  Best of all is that it works via biostimulation to minimize pain, scarring and trauma;  Little to no local anesthetic is required.

Painless and conservative removal of inflammation around gum tissue, at All Smiles Family Dentistry



Invisalign, i-Tero, 3D Scanning & Simulation:

Say goodbye to goop!  We LOVE the new i-Tero Element 2 scanner and 3D simulator.  We are able to take quality impressions for implants, crowns, bridges, occlusal guards, veneers and Invisalign clear braces with just a click of a few buttons.  Your COMFORT is optimized and the appointment is both fast and painless.  This is the latest technology that we’re so happy to be incorporating at All Smiles Family Dentistry.  The best part is:  it doesn’t cost you extra!  This service is complimentary for ALL of our patients. Come see us today!  206-659-4888.

3D scanning with iTero at All Smiles Family Dentistry






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