We all hope that our trips to the dentist involve just routine cleaning. Sadly, that is not always the case. There are times when you need extra treatments, and one of those is a dental crown in South Everett.

You may already know that you need a crown because it was recommended at your last visit. It’s worth getting it done rather than prolonging the inevitable. However, your dentist may not have mentioned it before, but there are signs that one is going to be necessary.

You Have a Cracked Tooth

Have you suffered from some sort of dental trauma to the face? This could have cracked a tooth, and you need to get this seen to right away. Sometimes, the best way to deal with this is by getting a dental crown in South Everett. The crown will go over the crack to protect it from more damage and prevent it from affecting you.

You Need a Larger Than Normal Filling

If you have a cavity that needs filling, you may end up needing a dental crown as well. This all depends on the size of the filling. Larger fillings can end up causing weakness and damage to the tooth. It can also lead to the need to remove the nerve, which can also weaken the tooth. The best thing to do is get a crown to help protect the health of the tooth and the mouth.

You Need a Root Canal

Do you know that you have to have a root canal? If so, then you’ll likely be recommended a dental crown in South Everett afterward. This is a need after a root canal because of the remove of the nerve and the damage done to the tooth. The entire tooth is weakened during the process, and you’re more likely to get a cavity afterward. You’ll start with a temporary crown after the root canal and will then need something more permanent.

Your Teeth Are Heavily Stained

Are you conscious about the way your smile looks? You may have teeth that are badly stained, often from the drinks drank or from smoking. A lot of the time, you can help to remove the staining with the right teeth whitening products, but there is only so much staining that will come off. Your dentist may recommend a dental crown in South Everett if you are conscious about the smile.

There Is Too Much Decay

How bad is the tooth decay? In some cases, the best thing to do is for the dentist to pull the tooth and to add an implant instead. However, your dentist will want to try to preserve your regular tooth, and that means finding a way to protect the enamel after the root canal or major filling. A crown is the best option for this.

A lot of people need to get a dental crown in South Everett at some point in their life. This is perfectly normal, and hassle-free for the most part. You just want to be prepared that it’s something your dentist will recommend.