Fall specials at All Smiles Family Dentistry


We are transitioning into Fall season… which is good news for some and not so much for others.

Fall season means a couple of things:  School’s back, no more vacations, and insurance benefits are running out for the calendar year!

Have you been putting off your cleaning, your child’s or husband’s cleaning, a crown, filling, broken tooth, or a nagging ache that’s been bothering you for a while now?

This would be a good time to schedule your appointment to take advantage of insurance benefits. Not sure if you have insurance?  We do courtesy online checks at no charge. Our skilled receptionist can find out in minutes what your benefits are so you don’t have to spend time calling and holding for customer service. It’s that easy and absolutely free!

Other back to school tips:

– Pregnant women should definitely come in to have their check-up, as gums are more susceptible to bleeding and irritation. It is good to make sure there is no bacteria building up, too.

– Parents should use a washcloth or gentle brush to wipe off baby’s gums after each feeding, and little ones should have their first visit at age 1.

– Soak any mouthguards and retainers with a cleaning tablet, brush gently under water and clean every day.

– Brush twice a day every day for 2 minutes. Mouthrinses also help wash away debris. Floss at least once a day before bedtime to avoid food buildup.

Last and most important tip: stay on top of your regular dental cleanings and checkups, for the whole family!  A simple preventative check can restore peace of mind, educate a patient on proper hygiene, and avoid any future problems.  A+ for reading this post!!