Coming in for a regular checkup and cleaning is important for dental preventative health. The dentist and hygienist are able to examine your teeth, bone, surrounding gum and soft tissue. The goal of each visit is to thoroughly clean around the teeth & gums, and also to educate the patient about home care.


Fluoride varnish is a therapeutic supplement that we recommend for all patients at their cleaning to prevent getting cavities. It has also been approved by the FDA to use in treating tooth sensitivity. It eliminates cavities by enhancing the uptake of minerals which disrupt bacterial activity in the enamel. Varnish delivers higher concentrations of fluoride, available in a professional dental setting.


The American Dental Association and the US Preventive Services Task Force, among other reputable organizations, have long recommended using this product. Research helps to support the benefits of fluoride varnish not only for children or adults and elderly patients.  (Source: Decisions in Dentistry. Jan 2017)


It is worth mentioning that most insurance plans cover fluoride as a benefit. And if they don’t our patients can take advantage of a low office fee of $37 per visit, well worth it long-term!


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