You’ve suffered a chipped tooth in Seattle. This could be from a piece of candy, or it may be due to trauma to the face. Whatever the reason is, you shouldn’t leave the chipped tooth untreated.

It’s tempting not to go to the dentist at first. This is especially if the chip or the break is high up. You can’t see how it could affect the health of the rest of the tooth or the gum. However, you can end up with future issues because you’ve left the tooth.

The Chipped Tooth Can Cut the Cheek or Lip

Depending on the placement of the chipped tooth in Seattle, you can end up causing damage elsewhere. The chip may cut the cheek or the lip. This leads to constant pain as you try to keep the fleshy parts of the mouth out of the way. Not only do you end up with pain, but you can also end up with some infection and damage.

It’s best to talk to the dentist to find out where the chip is exactly. Your dentist can decide if it’s a chip that can be left, or if it’s one that needs a crown to protect your cheek or lip.

That Chip Can Get a Lot Bigger

The chip may be small at first. However, this is the first sign of your tooth weakening. It’s much easier for that tooth to be damaged further in the future, and this can lead to the chip getting larger. There may be some internal damage from the chipped tooth in Seattle as well.

Your dentist will be able to look at the way the tooth has chipped. Is it a bit of the tooth that’s come off the top, or is there a crack that goes into the tooth? This will help your dentist decide on the type of treatment that is necessary.

Your Tooth Can End Up Infected

Even if the chip doesn’t grow, you’ve got another part of the mouth that allows plaque and bacteria in. You’ll need to remove all of this to keep your teeth healthy and clean. The problem is you may not be able to get fully into the chipped tooth in Seattle.

There is a much higher risk of infection in your mouth. The bacteria gets into the chip, and this causes further damage to the inside of the tooth. You won’t even see the damage at first in a lot of cases. Then you end up with a dental infection, which can become extremely serious. In the end, you need surgery to help fix the issue. You could have saved a lot of money and time by getting the chip seen to straight away.

You may think that the chipped tooth in Seattle is small, but that’s just based on what you can see. Visit your dentist, regardless of the way the chip has happened. You’ll be able to get the help you need to prevent this chip from turning into something much more serious.