You want to limit the need to take your children to the dentist as much as possible. Yes, you need to go to the childrens dentist near me in Seattle for the bi-yearly cleans and checkups, but that doesn’t mean you want to go often.

When you do go, you want to limit the treatments that are needed. A nighttime mouth guard could be one of the best items you buy, and a lot of dentists are recommending them. Here’s why you’ll want to consider one for your children.

It’s the Only Way to Protect Against Grinding in the Sleep

A lot of people clench their jaws or grind their teeth in the night. It’s something that can’t be controlled. After all, you’re asleep. The problem is that it leads to a lot of health problems afterward. Your childrens dentist near me in Seattle wants to prevent something like this from happening.

Grinding leads to damaging of the teeth. This leads to a higher risk of wearing down the enamel and causing cavities. Cracked teeth are also a problem that require restoration. It’s best to avoid them for a healthy mouth in the future.

Help with a Better Night’s Sleep

At first it can seem like mouth guards will prevent you from sleeping, but that’s not the case. You’ll want to see your childrens dentist near me in Seattle to get a mouth guard that is created specifically for the individual. This makes sure the mouth guard fits the mouth and is comfortable.

Night guards can actually help to improve sleep. They help to reduce the chance of snoring, which leads to dry mouth and breathing problems. With better airflow, sleeping is much easier to come by and it won’t be disrupted.

You’ll also reduce the clenching of the jaw, which can help to reduce the risk of headaches forming. Headaches can often wake people from their sleep, even children. Even if they’re not woken, they won’t feel as refreshed the next morning.

They Can Help to Reduce Tooth Pain

Do your children commonly tell you that they have toothache? Sometimes, this is due to the way the teeth are moving. Their adult teeth come in, and this can lead to teething pain. Your childrens dentist near me in Seattle can help to figure out if this is just regular tooth pain due to age or not.

There are times that it’s linked to problems in their sleep. Grinding and clenching can lead to some toothache the following day. If this is not treated, it leads to problems on an ongoing basis. The good news is that a mouth guard can reduce the risk of clenching and grinding, which takes away the main issue for unknown pain.

Your children need the best night’s sleep that they can get. You also want to reduce dentist visits to help save money and time. Follow the advice from your childrens dentist near me in Seattle, and opt for a mouth guard for the night immediately.