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How Much Does Invisalign in Martha Lake Cost?

You’re ready to get treatments for your teeth to improve your smile. Maybe you’re looking at getting something to help repair some damage due to an accident. Invisalign in Martha Lake is something you’ll hear a lot about. Invisalign are like invisible braces. The brand has become extremely popular over the years, and there are [...]

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What Will a Dental Clinic in North Seattle Do for a Chipped or Cracked Tooth?

You’ve chipped or cracked your tooth. This isn’t necessarily an emergency depending on the way the tooth has cracked and any other symptoms. In many cases, you’re going to wait to go to your own  in a couple of clinic in North Seattle While you’re waiting, you possibly want to know what’s going to [...]

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3 Signs You Need an Emergency Dentist in Mill Creek

In most cases, you’ll find your dental needs can be limited to just your regular check-ups. Sometimes you’ll need to book an extra appointment, but you don’t need to see someone right away. Then there are times when an emergency dentist in Mill Creek is necessary. An emergency dentist will be able to fix problems [...]

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What Is a Dental Bridge in Mill Creek?

When you have a tooth extracted, you end up with a gap. Not only is this unsightly, but it can also lead to some problems for the other teeth. You’ll need something that’s called a dental bridge in Mill Creek. A dental bridge is just as it sounds. You bridge the gap between the teeth [...]

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