Dental implants in Mill Creek are a great way to replace missing teeth and support the rest of your teeth. Like everything, they don’t work for everyone. In fact, there are some side effects to getting dental implants.

It’s important to understand the pros and cons of getting any sort of dental treatment. Dental implants are especially important because of how long they’re supposed to last and the type of treatment they are. Here are the side effects that you could experience, but talk to your dentist about each of them and the likelihood of them.

Infections Can Happen

Your dentist will give you aftercare instructions when you get dental implants in Mill Creek, but even with the best aftercare, you can still end up with an infection. Dental infections are common due to the amount of bacteria that is in the mouth. The good news is dentists know the signs of these, and they appear quickly, so you’ll be able to talk to your dentist and get the treatment that you need.

Signs of infection include extra swelling, pain, and some pus may leak from the implant site. It doesn’t mean that you need your implants removed, as the infection could be treated with antibiotics first. Get it seen to immediately.

Some Tingling and Numbness Can Happen

Dental implants in Mill Creek are drilled into your jaw. This can lead to the dentist catching some of the nerves in the mouth, which can lead to some damage. Signs of damage include tingling and numbness. You may also get some pain depending on the type of damage that has happened.

You’ll want to talk to your dentist about the chances of nerve damage happening. You can also talk about treatment options afterward to help. It could involve removing the nerve that is damaged.

Sinus Issues May Be a Problem

If your dental implants in Mill Creek are placed in the upper jaw, you could end up with some sinus damage. There are times that the implant catches parts of the nerves in the sinus cavity. There have also been a few instances of the implant protruding into the sinus cavity, causing discomfort and pain.

Your dentist will go through the risks. Talk to them about the treatments should this side effect happen. You’ll want to know how the damage will be repaired as well as the chances of it happening. Being prepared is the best thing you can do.

Some Gum Recession May Happen in the Future

One of the side effects of dental implants in Mill Creek that happens in the long-term is gum recession. While this can be due to the surgery itself, it is most commonly due to aftercare. You’ll need to follow instructions and make sure you follow good oral hygiene practices afterward.

Gum recession causes future issues for the overall oral health. It exposes the nerves of the teeth, and it can lead to not enough gum to support the teeth.

It’s important to go into any surgery knowing the facts. Talk to your dentist about side effects of dental implants in Mill Creek to prepare.