You know that a same day dentist in Seattle is going to cost a little more to see than your regular dentist. So, you want to hold off on those appointments as much as possible. The problem is, there are some problems that need to be seen immediately.

If you have a child complaining of a toothache, you’ll want to make your own assessment at home to see if it’s something that an emergency appointment is needed for. Could this be something that waits a few days for your own dentist to see?

Ask More About the Toothache and When It’s Felt

Does your child feel the toothache when they’re eating candy or other sugary items? There’s a chance that the toothache is a cavity. The sugars are getting inside, and you need your regular dentist to fill up the cavity to stop the pain. If it’s only just needed, a same day dentist in Seattle may not be necessary.

That being said, if the pain continues throughout the day and nothing works to get rid of it, it’s something much more serious. You need to see a dentist as soon as possible. This could grow into a major infection with no warning at all.

Is There Some Swelling or an Abscess?

Take a look at the tooth that your child is complaining about. If there is swelling or an abscess forming, you may need to book an appointment with a same day dentist in Seattle. It’s important to get that treated right away.

Swelling and abscesses are signs of infections. If they are allowed to get any worse, then they could end up causing severe problems for the health immediately and after treatment. Your own dentist may be able to see you on the same day for something like this, so you can avoid an emergency dentist.

Is There a Wobbly or Broken Tooth?

Pay attention to the reason for the pain. Was your child playing a sport and has come out with a toothache? It could be a sign that there was trauma to the face. Take a look at the tooth to see if it’s wobbly or broken.

Wobbly teeth may not need a same day dentist in Seattle. After all, young children will lose their baby teeth. If it is a baby tooth that is ready to come out, allow it to come out or encourage it yourself and allow the adult teeth to grow through.

If it’s an adult tooth that is wobbly, you definitely need to see a dentist as soon as possible. You’ll also need to see a same day dentist if the tooth is chipped, cracked, or broken. Sometimes, the tooth can be repaired, but other times, a replacement is needed.

Not all dental problems require a same day dentist in Seattle. When it comes to your children, take the time to assess the toothache for yourself and then you can see if an appointment the next day with your own dentist is an option.