A lot of people hear that a root canal is one of the worst procedures that a dental clinic in North Seattle can do. It’s not really the case, but this statement often comes from fiction or due to horror stories of patients.

A root canal is a routine procedure and can be done by your regular dentist. There are times that a dentist is more likely to recommend a root canal than a simple filling. Here are the main cases that you’ll want to look out for.

When You Need a Deep Filling

It could depend on the depth of the cavity. Dentists will want to treat the cavity with the filling procedure as much as possible, but that’s not an option for the deeper fillings. These are the ones where the root is often infected or close to being affected, and a root canal is the better option. Your dental clinic in North Seattle will want to see just how deep the filling is first.

Your dentist will want to take some X-rays to see the full state of the issue. This will then allow your dentist to make a judgement call. There are times that your dentist will offer you the two options, explaining how deep the filling is and what that means for your tooth and for the length of time it will take to do the treatment.

When There Are Problems with a Previous Filling

Fillings don’t last forever. They are designed to last for 10 to 20 years and will then need replacing. You can get this done at your regular dental clinic in North Seattle.

Something your dentist will do is look at any problems with the previous filling. If it’s led to damage to the root or there have been problems underneath the filling, a root canal may be suggested instead of a regular filling. This is a reason to take an X-ray to see if there are problems before removing the current filling.

If you have cold and hot sensitivity issues right now, your dentist will probably recommend a root canal. This is a sign that your nerve is being affected.

When the Tooth Is Cracked

Whether it’s a filling that has weakened the tooth or there has been trauma to the face, a cracked tooth is a concern for your dental clinic in North Seattle. This is a big reason for a dentist to recommend a root canal instead. After all, the nerve and root of the tooth are likely to be affected.

Your dentist will want to discuss all your options when it comes to a problem with the tooth. When it comes to a cracked tooth, this is extremely important to see just how deep the crack goes. Sometimes, even a root canal isn’t going to be enough for it.

Your dentist won’t do something without discussing it first. They want to make sure you’re happy so that you stay with the dental clinic in North Seattle. The aim is for you to have fewer problems in the future.