While a kids dentist near me in Bothell has a list of foods and drinks to avoid, there are some that dentists love to see on the list of foods children eat. Some of them may surprise you, especially when it comes to crunchiness.

Fruits and vegetables can have some natural sugars, but they are still good for the overall health. There are some that have more water than sugars, and those are the ones dentists love to see in the diet. Your doctor will also love the plan.

Melons Are Full of Water

Let’s start with melons. While they have some sugars, a kids dentist near me in Bothell loves seeing them on the list of foods children eat. They’re soft for the teeth to start, which means less damage to them as children chew. They’re not stringy either, so they won’t get caught in the gums and cause damage. Of course, cleaning the teeth is still important.

One of the big factors with melon is the water content. Water and saliva are important in the mouth. They help to remove bacteria throughout the day and night, making the mouth a healthier place. If you have more foods with high water contents, you’ll aid the removal of bacteria.

Cucumbers Are Also Good for Water Content

There are a lot of great vegetables for the overall health. Cucumbers are one of them. Technically they are a fruit, but most people will class them as a vegetable. The kids dentist near me in Bothell doesn’t care what you call it, as long as you eat it.

Cucumbers are like melons, full of water. They are also on the crunchier side compared to melons. They’re not so crunchy that they break the teeth, though. They will help to clean the teeth with their crunchiness and water content.

Celery Offers the Crunch Your Teeth Need

Next up is celery. You will need to be careful with this as it is stringy. The strands can get caught in the middle of the teeth, and the kids dentist near me in Bothell will want to make sure those strings are removed as soon as possible.

The benefit in them comes from the crunchiness. This vegetable is perfect for cleaning the teeth. The crunch doesn’t damage the enamel, but it can help with removing some of the plaque buildup throughout the day.

Pears Are Juicy and Crunchy

Finally, we turn to another fruit. Pears are something to add to the list. They have a little sugar, but not so much that a kids dentist near me in Bothell will say avoid them. They are full of fiber to help balance out the sugars.

Like with cucumbers, pears are full of water and are crunchy. You’ve got the benefit of removing the bacteria from the mouth and the crunchiness to help clean the teeth.

Of course, your kids dentist near me in Bothell still wants your children to brush and floss daily. There are just some fruits and vegetables that are great for the teeth when eaten daily as well.