It’s the weekend, which means your regular dentist is closed. You have a problem with your oral health, so it means searching for an emergency dentist near me in Bothell.

The problem is an emergency dentist isn’t your regular person. If you have a phobia or some anxiety over the dentist, you want your regular dentist and not a new one. So, you’ll want to see if this problem is really an emergency or if you can wait until Monday.

Chipped and Broken Teeth Tend to Be Emergencies

The weekend is a time to play sports, and that can lead to damage to the teeth. Maybe you took a hit in football that you weren’t expecting, or maybe there was a foul in basketball that led to you breaking a tooth. You need an emergency dentist near me in Bothell when it comes to this.

If the chip is only on the tip of the tooth, you may be able to wait until Monday. This will depend on the tooth though. The problem with a crack or a break is that you could have damage the root of the tooth. The nerve could also be affected, causing more pain. You need to get it seen to immediately to reduce the risk of infection and future problems.

The Pain Is Excruciating

Are you taking stronger painkillers to get rid of the pain? Are you struggling to sleep because of it? This is a sign that there is a much bigger issue in the mouth, and you need to see an emergency dentist near me in Bothell. Don’t wait until Monday as it could end up being a far more serious infection than it needs to be.

The emergency dentist will be able to prescribe antibiotics if it is an infection. They’ll be able to recommend the hospital if that’s needed. After all, oral infections spread fast and they can be life threatening. You don’t want to take the risk, even if you do have anxiety around visiting the dentist.

There’s a Problem with a Recent Procedure

Did you have dental work done that week? There may not have been an issue at first, but it’s the weekend and you have pain or you feel like something isn’t right. In some cases, you could wait until Monday, but there are times that you need the emergency dentist near me in Bothell.

Pain is the main reason to see an emergency dentist. You’ll also need to look out for swelling, bleeding, and trouble opening the jaw. These are signs of an infection or an issue with the dental work that you had done. The sooner you get it fixed, the better it is going to be for you—and not just in terms of the pain you feel.

Yes, the emergency dentist near me in Bothell will cost a little more. No, it’s not the dentist you prefer to see. However, there are times that this is the person you need when it comes to weekend needs. Don’t wait until Monday.