You’ve got tooth pain, and you’re not all that sure of your next steps. Is this a time when you need to see a same day dentist in Bothell? Should you wait to see your regular dentist?

There are many reasons to see an emergency dentist and the cost is going to be worth it. However, there are times that you can wait just a few days to see your regular dentist and face a smaller cost. When is the pain a sign that it doesn’t need the emergency dentist?

When It’s Not Stopping You Doing Things

You get the pain when you’re eating. Or maybe when you drink certain things there is a shoot of pain. Most of the time, the pain is light enough that you can get on with your day and you can even sleep easily. This is a sign that a same day dentist in Bothell isn’t needed.

You will want to book an appointment as soon as possible with your regular dentist, though. Talk to your dentist about the type of pain you’re experiencing, so they can make sure you get in as soon as possible. They have emergency appointments during the regular day that they can offer if they think that this is serious enough.

If the pain is stopping you from sleeping or getting on with your regular day, it’s an emergency. You’ll need to see someone right away.

When There Isn’t a Tooth Missing

Have you chipped or cracked a tooth? Maybe it’s come out from an injury or while you’ve been chewing. This is usually a sign that you need to see a same day dentist in Bothell. You need to get the tooth fixed immediately.

If you don’t have any of those issues connected to your tooth pain, you could avoid the emergency dentist costs. You’ll want to call your own dentist up and book a regular appointment. This will help your dentist get to the bottom of the situation, so you can avoid the pain getting any worse.

When The Gums Are In Good Shape

Take a look at your gums. Do you have any swelling? Is there any bleeding? Maybe you taste something foul in your mouth. If you have none of these signs, it’s not necessarily a case for a same day dentist in Bothell. This is going to depend on the severity of the pain, but if the gums aren’t damaged, then there’s no need to spend the extra money.

That being said, you still need to book an appointment with your regular dentist as soon as possible. Don’t work with the home remedies in the hope that the pain will just go away. That’s not the way teeth and gum problems work.

You may notice a pattern when it comes to not seeing a same day dentist in Bothell. It doesn’t mean that you can avoid seeing your own dentist. You want to make an appointment with your own dentist as soon as possible to take care of the pain you’re experiencing.