You’re just going about your day, when you suddenly feel a broken tooth in Shoreline. Maybe you’re playing sports when there’s a chip after a blow to the face. You need to take care of your broken tooth as soon as possible.

For a lot of dentists, this will be classed as an emergency. However, it could depend on the way the tooth has broken and if there are any immediate issues. Here’s what to do when you do break your tooth.

Stop Any Bleeding from the Broken Tooth

If your broken tooth in Shoreline has affected the gumline, there will be bleeding. This can be from the way that the tooth has broken, or it could be due to the chip catching on the gums as it fell out. Either way, stopping the bleeding is the most important thing right now.

You’ll need to apply pressure to the area where the bleeding is coming from. This will help to slow it down to allow it to clot as quickly as possible. You will need to make your way to see a dentist as the bleeding can open your gum up to an infection, and that’s definitely nothing that you want to deal with.

Reduce Swelling with a Cold Compress

On the way to the dentist, it’s also worth grabbing a cold compress and using that on your gum. A broken tooth in Shoreline can also lead to some swelling, and the cold compress is going to help to deal with that. You can also minimize bruising if you use one of these.

You’ll still need to make your way to the dentist. If you have a broken tooth that has affected the gum, then you definitely need to seem help immediately. If the tooth hasn’t broken the gum, you may not view it as much of as emergency. However, there is a chance that your tooth can be fixed with the original tooth, so it’s worth making your way to the emergency dentist anyway.

Put the Tooth in Wet Gauze

What do you do with the part of the broken tooth in Shoreline that’s now in your hand? You’ll need to wrap it in some wet gauze and put it in a bag. Take it to the dentist while you’re on the way there.

Depending on the way the tooth has broken, it could be repaired. Keeping the tooth moist is the best way to ensure that it can be used instead of having a fake tooth applied over the top.

This is worth doing if there’s a whole tooth that’s come out or there is a clean break. If the tooth has crumbled, which can happen due to fillings damaging the integrity of the tooth, you may find that nothing can be done with the original tooth.

A broken tooth in Shoreline is an emergency. Take care of what you can on the way to the dentist and then see if the original tooth can be used to fix the problem.