When you get tooth pain, you don’t necessarily need to book an appointment with an emergency dentist near me in Lynnwood. You could book an appointment with your regular dentist during regular hours in a lot of cases. It all depends on the severity of the pain.

However, routine issues can turn into an emergency. Here are the common signs that you need to see someone immediately, regardless of that extra cost.

When the Pain Suddenly Intensifies

At first, you may find that the toothache is something you can deal with. You have an appointment with your dentist next week, and you can wait until then to get it seen to. It’s not like you aren’t visiting your dentist at all. However, that pain could turn into something more serious, requiring an emergency dentist near me in Lynnwood.

It depends on the reason for the pain. You could have an infection within the gum line that you haven’t seen yet. As this gets worse, the pain will start to intensify. You can start to feel extremely under the weather and suffer other problems. You can’t wait for your regular dentist, and your regular dentist will likely tell you to seek emergency help.

If the pain gets worse all of a sudden, it is a sign of something worse happening within your mouth. Don’t play the waiting game, as serious problems like this turn dark fast.

When the Tooth Chips or Breaks

You may feel like the tooth is slightly wobbly. At first, it’s not too serious, and you can wait to seek help from your own dentist. Then, suddenly, the tooth comes out or it breaks or chips. This is now the case for an emergency dentist near me in Lynnwood.

If a tooth comes out whole, it can be saved. You want to put it in a damp tissue and into a sealable bag and then get straight to the emergency dentist. If the tooth chips or breaks, it could cause damage to the gums. You’ll need to make sure it’s fixed before further issues arise.

When the Gum Starts to Swell

At first, you may just have a toothache. Your dentist can see you in a few days, so it’s not too much of an issue. Then you wake up with a swollen and painful gum. This is a sign that you need to find an emergency dentist near me in Lynnwood.

Swollen gums are a sign of infection or serious problem. It needs to be treated seriously as infections in the gum can be life threatening. You will also want to seek emergency help if there is serious bleeding, pus coming out of the gum anywhere, or you have swollen lymph nodes.

Don’t let a toothache get worse. You may be able to wait for your own dentist in a week, but there are times that the toothache gets worse quickly. You will need to make sure you have an emergency dentist near me in Lynnwood to call if this happens.