You’ll hear your dentist in Northgate advising you a lot against the amount of sugar that you consume. This has nothing to do with the overall health. Of course, sugar is bad for the rest of your body, but it’s especially bad for your teeth.

That doesn’t mean your dentist is going to tell you to avoid them completely. Everything in moderation, right? As long as you brush and floss well, you’re fine, right? Well, not always, but you’ll need to understand what’s going on with your mouth when sugar is there to understand why your dentist doesn’t like it.

Sugar Creates More Acid to Attack the Enamel

You know that food will create acid in the mouth. That acid is needed to break down the food that you eat, but it can also have a negative effect on your oral health. Your dentist in Northgate will be able to explain how the acid affects the enamel on your teeth.

Think about what acid does to the food. It breaks it down. Well, that same acid is attacking the enamel, breaking it down and weakening the protection around your teeth. This then leads to cavities forming in your mouth.

Sugar creates more acid than most other ingredients. So, the more sugary foods and drinks you consume, the worse your acidity levels in your mouth are.

Sugar Demineralizes Other Layers of the Teeth

It’s not just the enamel that’s affected by the sugar. Ask your dentist in Northgate about other effects sugar has on your teeth. One of the worst parts is the demineralization effect.

Sugar will get into the layers underneath the enamel. Remember, the acid is breaking down that enamel while you’re eating the sugary treats. Now, you’ll get more of a breakdown in your teeth. The sugar is affecting the amount of minerals that are in your teeth.

Minerals are important for the health and structure of your teeth. When there are fewer minerals, the pulp within the teeth is easier to break down, leading to more cavities. This can also have a deeper effect as it can lead to the nerves being affected, causing more pain and a higher risk of infection.

Sugar Can Trigger Sensitivity Problems

With everything that’s going on, you shouldn’t be too surprised to hear that sugar can also make your teeth more sensitive. Just ask your dentist in Northgate about sensitivity problems.

The sugar has broken down the enamel. It’s led to demineralization in the teeth. Now you end up with more sensitivity problems. That means you’ll get more pain when you eat or drink cold and hot things. You may be able to feel it more when you brush your teeth, and you may deal with more pain on a regular basis, especially as the temperatures suddenly change.

If you eat a lot of sugary foods, it may be time to cut back. You don’t have to cut everything out, but cutting back is something your dentist in Northgate will highly recommend.