You may see a water flosser go by the branded name of Waterpik. Either way, you have something that uses water to help remove debris from between your teeth. When you have Invisalign in North Seattle, you want to take care of your teeth as best as possible.

You know that flossing is essential. However, your gums may be a little irritated with the Invisalign. You want to find something that helps to protect your gums and stop them bleeding.

You Can Use a Waterpik with Invisalign

The good news is that water flossers are great with Invisalign in North Seattle. You will remove your invisible braces when you’re brushing your teeth. After all, you need to be able to get to your teeth fully to get all the day’s debris out of them. Then you would normally floss as usual.

With a water flosser, you can skip the flossing as the water flosser does it all for you. The braces have already been removed, so you’re not going to cause any damage to the material when you’re using the flossing.

By the way, a water flosser is also great if you have regular braces. It can help get into the hinges and tighter spots of the braces to get rid of all the debris.

You’ll Still Need to Floss Regularly

Don’t replace flossing completely with the Waterpik. This is the case if you have Invisalign in North Seattle or not. The water flosser isn’t going to get to everything as well as the traditional floss. The good news is that it will help to improve your overall health along with your normal floss.

Every now and then, you’ll want to get some dental floss out and clean properly. This helps to get rid of any debris buildup in between the teeth where the gaps can be on the tighter end. The force of the water may not have gotten into here quite so well.

Your dentist will be able to discuss your options to make sure you protect your oral health. It’s important to follow instructions to get the best smile possible.

There Are No Harsh Chemicals

A great thing about a water flosser is not having any harsh chemicals in your mouth. You won’t need to worry about damage to your Invisalign in North Seattle after using the flosser. All the water flosser uses is water to get rid of the debris.

It’s all about the force of the water coming out of the flosser head. This is what helps to get rid of the debris. Think about how a power washer will get rid of debris on your driveway. The force of the water isn’t anything on the level of a power washer, but it’s doing the same in your mouth as a power washer would to your driveway.

Looking after your oral health with Invisalign in North Seattle is actually pretty easy. There’s no need for special devices, and you can still use your water flosser on a daily basis.