You’re looking at finding a new dentist in town. There are a few options available, and one you’ve found a 24 hour dentist in Seattle accepting patients. This sounds great but is it going to end up being more expensive than a dentist running traditional hours.

It’s going to depend on the time you visit the dentist in a lot of cases. Most of these 24 hour dentists have normal working hours for standard needs. The later hours are for emergencies. Here’s what you need to know.

Get the Prices from the Dentist

Before you even think about registering with a 24 hour dentist in Seattle, you can talk to them about their prices. Find out what they charge for routine visits and compare that cost with other dentists in the area. Dentists will have a basic amount they’re likely to charge, but some will end up charging more than others due to their experiences.

You may find that the dentist’s usual hours are at the same as most of the others in town. It’s when you need the emergency work that you’ll need to think about costs. Get the cost breakdown for those emergency trips so you can see the difference.

Book Your Appointments During the Day

It’s rare for a 24 hour dentist in Seattle to be open 24 hours a day. You’ll find the majority of them are open fully during their regular hours. That means you’re booking appointments on days off work as much as you can.

The later hours are for emergencies only. You’ll need to call a number and the on-call dentist will be able to come in and look at the situation. You may find that your call can wait until the morning as most problems with the teeth can.

When you call the on-call dentist, you are going to pay more. They’re being paid more for being on-call at unsociable hours, and you’ll need to cover that.

It Will Depend on the Experience

There are times that an emergency dentist is a resident learning the ropes. There will be another dentist out there, but this is a chance for the student dentists to learn more in a practical way. It could help to reduce your costs if you allow the student dentist to do the work.

However, you don’t tend to get the choice on who your 24 hour dentist in Seattle is going to be. It is whoever has agreed to work that night, and whatever their skill level is. You could get someone with years of practice, meaning their regular prices are higher than other dentists in the area. At least when you get your regular dental hours, you can say which dentist you want to visit.

You don’t need to pay extra just because you’re registering at a dentist with a 24 hour service. You’ll want to find out the costs for your 24 hour dentist in Seattle, but you can usually get regular appointments during normal hours to keep the costs down.