When you go to your regular checkups at the dental office, you’ll get a small level of cosmetic dentistry in Seattle. This is when your dentist polishes your teeth. They’ll remove the stains from your teeth and use a toothpaste to get them shiny again.

Now you’ll want to keep them that way. You’re fed up with the brown and yellow stains that form. You may even want to look at real cosmetic dentistry and get your teeth whitened, which definitely means figuring out how to stop the stains. Here’s how you can do it.

Ditch the Drinks that Cause Staining

The drinks we have in the house lead to some staining. We’re looking at coffee, tea, and even red wine. Anything that is highly pigmentated is going to lead to some staining on the teeth. It doesn’t matter how much you brush. If you drink these drinks, you’re going to see some discoloration. You can make changes for your home cosmetic dentistry in Seattle.

It’s up to you if you want to ditch the drinks completely. If you do, you will get a whiter smile. Of course, not everyone can do so.

By the way, putting milk in your coffee doesn’t stop the staining. The darker color of the coffee is still there!

Use a stain-removing toothpaste on a regular basis. This is the best way to balance out the coffee and wine, so you don’t need to stop drinking them.

Get the Right Nutrients in Your Diet

Did you know a lack of vitamins and minerals can lead to the teeth staining? You can do a little cosmetic dentistry in Seattle at home by switching out your diet a little. You want to focus on a healthier diet in the house.

Opt for foods that are high in nutrients. You want to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals for your body to be healthy. With a healthy body comes healthy teeth. They’ll be stronger and whiter than ever before.

The best thing about some healthy foods is that they can be higher in acid content. Now, you will need to balance this to neutralize the levels of acid in the mouth, but the acidic fruits can help with natural whitening of the teeth. You’re just breaking down the enamel at the same time if you don’t balance.

Stop the Grinding

If you’re a tooth grinder, you need to stop. This isn’t just good for keeping your teeth white. It doesn’t just offer some home cosmetic dentistry in Seattle, but it also offers some physical benefits.

Teeth grinding causes the enamel to wear away. You lose that coating over your teeth that protects them. This doesn’t just cause yellowing, but it will also cause your teeth to be more susceptible to cavities and other dental issues.

If you grind your teeth at night, talk to your dentist about a mouthguard. This is the best way to manage that.

Reduce the need for heavy cosmetic dentistry in Seattle in the future. Keep your teeth whiter in between dental visits with the above tips.