While pain is annoying, not all dental pain will require urgent dental care in Mill Creek. You’ll still want to book an appointment sooner rather than later, but you don’t necessarily need to pay the money for an emergency dentist.

There are some treatments that will require immediate care. These are the needs that will require your emergency dentist on speed dial.

Swelling in Your Mouth

If your mouth is swollen, you need to seek medical help immediately. In some cases, this is going to be urgent dental care in Mill Creek. It all depends on the type of swelling, but a dentist is a good place to start. Swelling is often linked to an infection of some type.

Your dentist may recommend the emergency room instead. Your dentist is trained to know what’s a dental problem and what needs an oral surgeon, so make the call to the emergency dentist first.

Broken or Lost Teeth

If you’ve had some sort of facial trauma, you may see that a tooth or two has been cracked, broken, or even dislodged. You need urgent dental care in Mill Creek for these issues.

Chipped teeth can break off in ways that cause damage to the gum. A knocked-out tooth needs to be repaired immediately if you want hope in keeping it. Damaged teeth are more likely to suffer from cavities in the future, so your dentist will want to make a note of everything and help where possible.

Lost Crowns and Fillings

If you’ve lost a crown, you’ll want to call the emergency dentist. The crown is a covering over your main tooth, protecting it from decay and damage. If you’ve lost the crown, you’re exposing the weaker enamel and possibly a root if it’s still there.

A lost filling may need urgent dental care in Mill Creek. However, you may not need to spend money on the overnight emergency dentist. It’s going to depend on how the filling has been lost and whether there’s a risk to other teeth. Talk to your emergency dentist if you want to see your options.

Excessive Bleeding of the Gums

Gums can bleed when brushing. This is often signs of early gum disease, but it could also be that you’ve brushed too hard. Don’t worry too much about this right now. It’s when the bleeding becomes excessive that you want to turn to urgent dental care in Mill Creek.

If you’ve had a tooth extracted or other dental work and there is excessive bleeding, seek help immediately. Some dentists may even recommend the emergency room. This is a sign that your body isn’t healing properly, opening you up more to infections and other problems.

Not all pain needs urgent dental care in Mill Creek. You may be able to book an appointment the next day with your regular dentist. However, there are some oral health problems that will require immediate attention. Don’t worry too much about the costs when it comes to the health of your mouth.