You know a regular checkup is important for your teeth. You will visit your family dentistry in North Seattle every six months to make sure there are no problems with your oral health. But what about when it comes to your baby?

You’ll hear all about older children and adults, but nobody really talks about when a baby should have their first checkup. Should it be when the teeth first show? Could there be benefits before that?

Make the First Visit By the Age of 1

Most parents won’t book a visit with the family dentistry in North Settle until a child is about two years old. That’s on the late side for what’s good for the teeth.

After all, the teeth will have started to break through at around six months old. There will already be a few teeth through by two, especially when it comes to the front teeth. While two is better than not at all, it’s still on the late side as some oral health problems may have already started.

Your baby is already on solid food by this point. Plus, milk (whether formula, breast, or cow’s) will have some natural sugars in that could have affected the enamel on the first set of teeth.

It’s worth taking your baby to the dentist at one year old at the latest. If you can’t get a visit in then, you’ll want to look at getting in around six months after that first tooth erupts. Some babies will break teeth early—and yes, there have been cases of children being born with some teeth—so you’ll want to get in earlier than one if that’s the case.

Take Babies to Family Dentistry in North Seattle When You Go

It can take time for babies and children to get settled with a dentist at first. It’s a scary experience with the bright light and the tools. You want to make the first visit as calming as possible.

In this case, it’s worth taking your baby to the dentist with you. Most dentists will be happy for your baby to sit in their pushchair while you have your checkup. They can see what’s going on. Some may even be happy with you having the baby on your lap if they’re good. You’ll want to talk to the dentist about this.

Make sure your dentist knows if you are going for the first checkup with your baby. A good dentist will take time to show the child the tools and help them get settled. This is especially as they get older to understand what could happen in the dentist’s chair.

After the first visit, keep up the trips every six months. While the baby teeth do fall out, they are still extremely important, especially for gum health.

You want your baby to get the best start in life. That means getting to family dentistry in North Seattle at the right time. Start early and it will be better for oral health later.