You’ve just had a tooth extracted, and now your dentist is telling you a dental bridge is necessary. It’s an extra cost, so you may be looking at avoiding it together. You don’t really need a dental bridge in North Seattle, do you?

A dental bridge is extremely important for the overall health of your teeth. There are various types and your dentist will talk about the best option for your particular needs, but each of them offers one particular benefit that you need.

Protecting the Rest of the Teeth in Your Mouth

The biggest reason to get a dental bridge in North Seattle is to protect your teeth after an extraction. You’ll need to wait for the extraction area to heal first.

Your teeth offer support for each other throughout their life. If you take out a tooth in the middle of a row, you’ll find that the other teeth start to move. They either tilt sideways or they move in to close the gap. More often than not, it’s the tilt, which causes a major problem for the overall health of your mouth.

As the teeth tilt, they cause extra pressure on the teeth on the other side of them. You can end up with bigger gaps and a few gum problems. The dental bridge in North Seattle can help prevent something like this from happening. The bridge sits in the gap from the tooth taken out and prevents the teeth from tilting and moving.

Your Dental Bridge in North Seattle Becomes a New Tooth

The dental bridge is a false tooth. It’s made to look like the real teeth, and it does the job that the original tooth did. It supports the rest of the teeth in the mouth.

If you’ve had to have multiple teeth in a row removed, you’ll need a larger bridge. There are a few options that your dentist will talk about.

Your bridge is more than just cosmetic. It offers better support for the mouth so you end up with fewer gum problems in the future. The teeth on either side of the gap won’t weaken, so they don’t end up falling out before their time.

When You Don’t Need a Dental Bridge

There are times that the dental bridge in North Seattle isn’t actually needed. This is when the tooth extraction happens at the very end of the row of teeth, usually your wisdom teeth being removed. The tooth may not have offered anything beneficial for the mouth or may have actually caused some overcrowding.

You’ll also be able to avoid a dental bridge if your dentist is going to purposely move the teeth. This is often due to overcrowding and a strategic tooth or two is removed. It’s something your dentist will talk to you about, and you won’t even be offered the dental bridge.

Looking after your teeth is essential. You only get one set of adult teeth, and a dental bridge in North Seattle could be perfect for preserving as many as possible.