You’ve got toothache but your dentist isn’t open right now. One of the downsides of the weekend is that many medical places close. However, it could be possible to get emergency dental care in Mill Creek.

You’ll want to make sure that this is an emergency. Not only can it be difficult to see an emergency dentist but it will be costly. Here’s a look at the type of services you’ll get with emergency dental care.

Broken or Chipped Teeth

Did you play a rough sport at the weekend that led to a broken tooth? Maybe you chipped it in an accident? If the break or chip is bad, it is possible to see an emergency dentist for help. This is usually when the chip or break is causing immediate problems and you can’t wait for your usual dentist.

Most of the time, emergency dental care in Mill Creek for broken or chipped teeth is for when the chip is close to the nerve. It may cause excruciating pain or you may have a lot of blood from the break that you can’t stop. If it’s just a small chip on the corner of a tooth that causes no pain, you can wait for your regular dentist to talk about your options.

Immediate Extraction Needs

There are times that a tooth will need immediately extracted. This can happen from a difficult break or it may be due to a serious infection. There are also times that it is from a cavity that has been allowed to get worse, leading to pain that stops you from doing anything at all.

It’s best to try to stay on top of your oral health. Try to avoid emergency extractions by seeing your dentist regularly and talking about all the options that you have available to you. A planned extraction will usually end up being cheaper and will be easier to manage afterward.

Emergency Dental Care in Mill Creek for Serious Infections

Infections can happen. You may have an abscese that forms or you may have an infection from a previous tooth extraction. Infections in the mouth are serious. Not only do they cause pain but they can also be linked to health problems in the future due to the infection getting into the blood stream. It’s important to get them seen to immediately.

This is usually the main reason for emergency dental care. If the infection is so bad, it can’t wait a couple of days. Dentists will want to get you onto antibiotics immediately and assess whether you need to have the infection drained.

Toothache That Stops You Doing Anything

Finally, bad toothache can lead to emergency dental needs. This is often the case when the pain is so bad that you just can’t do anything. It may be accompanied by swelling, which could be a sign of a serious infection.

Toothache is bad on its own. Excruciating pain will stop you from being able to do your daily activities. It can leave you unable to sleep and in constant need of painkillers. If you can’t wait until your dentist is open, you need to consider emergency dental care in Mill Creek.