Whether you just didn’t look after your teeth or you’ve found it hard just to keep them white with regular care, you may be looking into a teeth whitening dentist in Mill Creek. While this can be effective, it can also be a costly option. It’s also one that your dental insurance may not cover as it tends to be viewed as cosmetic.

You’ll want to know the cost of getting your teeth whitened by a professional. While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan, we can give you a rough look at how much your teeth whitening dentist will cost.

The Cost at a Dentist’s Office

The cost will depend on the type of treatments you need and the length of time that it will take to do your teeth. The yellower your teeth are, the longer it will take. That does mean more products need to be used, more time is spent by your dentist doing the procedure, and the cost will be higher.

It can cost around $650 for a teeth whitening dentist in Mill Creek. And that’s when the teeth are easy to bleach. In some cases, you’re looking at $1,000 to $1,500. It’s going to depend on the initial cost for the products so your dentist doesn’t end up losing money.

Cheaper Over the Counter

Yes, it is certainly cheaper to buy over-the-counter products for teeth whitening. While you don’t have the expertise of the dentists, the products tend to be extremely easy to use. You’ll just need to make sure you use the strips as directed, otherwise you can damage the enamel to your teeth.

You will want to check the ingredients of any products you use. A teeth whitening dentist in Mill Creek will ensure that the bleaching products are safe for the oral health. They’ll check about any allergies you may have or any health problems you have. Your dentist will also be able to check over previous dental history to avoid problems after. You can’t do all that with over-the-counter products.

Faster Route with a Teeth Whitening Dentist in Mill Creek

Getting a dentist to do the teeth whitening is usually more cost effective. While the initial cost of over-the-counter products is cheaper, you will usually need to use them more than once. They’re not as strong as the products that your dentist will use.

In the long-term, you may find that your local dentist is a cheaper option. It’s something to weight up when you’re looking around at options.

Checking Out Your Insurance Options

In the majority of cases, your insurance company isn’t going to cover the cost of teeth whitening. That’s certainly the case with over-the-counter products, but can also be the case with a dentist. You’ll need to make sure you’ve saved enough for your treatments.

The cost of a teeth whitening dentist in Mill Creek may initially seem high, but you’ll want to consider the safety and training. You’re not just getting better and stronger products, but you have someone who understands the downsides and safe use of such products.