bad aching tooth

infected, aching tooth


Often we see emergency walk-in patients with badly broken or decayed teeth.

The question most people struggle with is:  can or should I try to save this tooth?

The answer is usually: absolutely!

No fake tooth (whether it’s plastic, porcelain, implant or denture based) will ever be as good as your own natural tooth (assuming it’s not freely mobile).  If a tooth is starting to move and has no stability, unfortunately, that is a point of no return and it must be pulled. If a tooth is not moving, it has the potential to still be saved to allow you to be able to chew and enjoy the foods you eat, smile with confidence, and avoid wearing uncomfortable dentures or go through expensive implant placement.

Hospital emergency rooms are flooded with people trying to get relief for a tooth that is “hurting like crazy” because it has been neglected for too long.  Hospital docs often write prescriptions and send the patient home.  Our goal is to treat the infection AND save the tooth so that it doesn’t blow up again in the future.

In dentistry there are many options to save teeth and provide a patient with relief. The options range from simple tooth-colored white fillings, to root canal therapy, extraction, crown and bridge, and dentures.  With an initial doctor’s exam and digital X-ray the problem can be properly diagnosed, and usually several treatment options are proposed.

With today’s technology and advanced dental care, saving teeth is easier and less painful than ever before. Don’t wait for an emergency. Take the right step forward to treat any issue early on.

We can help guide you.