Your dentist will suggest a dental bridge in North Seattle when you have missing teeth. This could be due to an accident or because you need a tooth extracted. The bridge is important to protect the overall health of your mouth.

However, dental bridges aren’t perfect. They don’t last forever, and you will need to take care of them. There are some problems you need to look out for to make sure you deal with a situation right away. Here are the top five potential problems to look out for.

The Dental Bridge Doesn’t Fit Properly

There are issues of the dental bridge in North Seattle not quite fitting in between the teeth properly. One of the reasons they cost so much to make is because they are created specifically for the gap in your teeth. They’re completely custom made, but sometimes, they can be made slightly wrong. We have to account for human error. If you do feel some sort of pain or complications afterward, your dentist will make sure the fit is right first. You’ll need a new bridge.

Tooth Decay Can Still Happen

It’s essential that you look after your teeth well after you get a dental bridge in North Seattle. Too many people get the bridge and think that the bridges will last forever. After all, they don’t have the enamel that your regular teeth do. The truth is, dental bridges can still succumb to tooth decay. Food will still stick, and plaque can still form. The plaque will start to eat away at the structure of the bridge and any teeth around that bridge, leading to the need of fillings and the bridge to be replaced.

Damage Can Happen to the Bridge

Dental bridges are designed to last, but they don’t last forever. Over time, they can suffer from wear and tear. After all, they’re constantly in use throughout the day. If you don’t look after your mouth well, the dental bridge is going to fail before it should do! It’s important to look out for any signs of wear and tear. Your dentist will do the same at your regular checkups. Getting damage bridges fixed early will help to prevent problems like damaged gums and tooth decay.

The Teeth Around the Bridge can Crack

Your dental bridge in North Seattle is supposed to support the teeth. It’s placed in the gap, and this can lead to some extra pressure on the teeth either side of the bridge. Sometimes, this does lead to damage to those teeth due to the pressure placed on them. These problem is rare, but something your dentist will want to look out for.

Your Teeth can Be Sensitive

You will usually feel sensitivity in your mouth after getting a dental bridge in North Seattle. This is completely normal for a couple of weeks. Should that last longer, it could be a sign that there was a problem placing the bridge in. Maybe it’s too high or there was some decay under the crowns on the other teeth. Talk to your dentist if the sensitivity goes on longer than expected.

A dental bridge in North Seattle is excellent for preserving the health of the mouth. One can have a problem or two over time, though.