When you play sports, you should have a mouth guard. That’s especially for contact sports or where there is a hard puck or ball in use. A mouth guard could mean the difference between a healthy mouth and a broken tooth in Bothell.

Of course, a mouth guard isn’t perfect. That being said, you’ll gain more protection with one than without one.

Make Sure the Mouth Guard Fits Properly

To make the most of the mouth guard to protect from a broken tooth in Bothell, you need to make sure that it fits well. You’ll want to get a mold of your mouth done so that the mouth guard can be custom made to fit. Sure, you can get something that is premade, but the guards just aren’t going to be that good.

Think about the last time you got a mouth guard. Did you feel it digging into your gums or the top of your lip? Maybe you felt like your teeth were trying to be pulled in the wrong direction. With a custom-made mouth guard, you have something that is designed to fit around the shape of your teeth instead of made the way that the teeth should look—unless you’ve had braces for the perfect smile, you’re going to have a few anomalies in your mouth.

An ill-fitting mouth guard isn’t going to offer all the protection you need. It can even cause damage to your gums by cutting them.

Offer Another Layer of Protection

Your mouth guard is going to help prevent a broken tooth in Bothell if you get a kick or a ball to the face. You have this material that works as a shock absorber. It’s that extra layer to prevent the teeth from getting chipped or broken from the pressure.

You only get one set of teeth. Once you get a break, you have to live with that for the rest of your life. Sure, you can have a filling or a cap to deal with it, but you still know that underneath there is a broken tooth. That tooth is weaker for the rest of your life.

Mouth Guards Do More than Protect

While mouth guards are great to protect against a broken tooth in Bothell, they are also good to protect other parts of your oral health. They will also protect the top of your gums, which can prevent damage there should you end up with face trauma.

A lot of athletes also tend to clench their jaw when they play sports. This leads to clenching the teeth, causing damage to the teeth through grinding and a lack of oxygen getting to the whole gum. The teeth end up a lot weaker, leading to a higher chance of being broken should there be some sort of trauma to the mouth.

It’s best to get a mouth guard when you’re playing sports, but you need one that is made for you. You’re sure to protect yourself against a broken tooth in Bothell.