When you’re expecting a baby, you want to do everything possible to stay safe. You’ll see a lot of signs around anywhere with types of radiation to alert someone if you are or could be pregnant. Your dentist in Mill Creek will even have a part of the checklist that covers pregnancy.

This could make you worried when it comes to the x-rays you needed to check up on the health of your mouth. Are they safe to do when you’re pregnant? Is there another option if they’re not?

X-Ray Technology has Advanced Over the Years

Back when the technology was first created, the x-ray machines wouldn’t have been safe. That’s not the case anymore. Your dentist in Mill Creek will use the latest machines and technology, and they have been shown as being safe for pregnant women.

There are still some precautions put in place. Your dentist will still give you a lead apron to cover your organs to limit the potential damage. You’ll also find that your dentist will step outside the room, but that is linked to the damage of constantly being around the x-ray machines due to multiple patients.

The American Pregnancy Association says that the x-rays at the dental office don’t use enough radiation to cause a problem. Especially not just the one every few years. It is worth discussing this if you’re worried, though.

Your Dentist Will Assess Whether You Need the X-Ray

When you mention your pregnancy to your dentist in Mill Creek, your dentist will likely look at whether an x-ray is needed or not. In some cases, the x-ray will wait until after your pregnancy. This is a great way to limit any sort of risk, especially if you are worried about it.

If you are in need of an x-ray, your dentist will be able to discuss the risks involved. You’ll be able to make a choice, and you can always say you don’t want the x-ray doing right away if you’re not comfortable.

The x-ray is there to check on the health of the roots of your teeth. It can also help to check on the health of any wisdom teeth and your gums to make sure everything is in good order. You will usually have an x-ray ever few years as there’s a slim chance of major change within a year or so. The only time your dentist may want an extra x-ray is if you have some pain in a certain tooth that you didn’t have before.

Pregnancy can change your gums a little. You’ll end up with more blood flow, which can lead to swollen and bleeding gums. This is something your dentist in Mill Creek will be aware of and may want to check up on, especially if the bleeding has become excessive.

If you are planning on getting pregnant, it could be worth talking to your dentist in Mill Creek. This is a great chance to get the x-rays in before they run any sort of risk, although that risk is extremely low.