You’re getting dental implants in Mill Creek. This is a huge step in improving your smile and your oral health. Now you need to be ready for the recovery period. Part of that is knowing which foods you should stock up on.

We’re going to look at the foods you can eat immediately after surgery, and then the foods to have within the weeks afterward. In the end, though, it’s going to come down to how you feel and you’ll also want to follow recommendations by your dentist or whoever is placing the implants.

Don’t Eat Immediately After Getting Dental Implants

Let’s start with as soon as you’ve got the dental implants in Mill Creek. Chances are that you won’t really think about food at first. There may be some pain and grogginess from the procedure. However, you will have an empty stomach and you may want to fill it as soon as you can.

Avoid eating anything for six hours after the procedure. Try to wait an hour for anything like water or other fluids, too. Your mouth will have gauze sponges, and they need to remain in the mouth for at least an hour to step the bleeding.

Keep Things Liquid for the First Two Days

The first 48 hours of healing are the most crucial after dental implants in Mill Creek. So, you want to make sure your food intake is as soft as possible. Liquids is the best place to start. Soups and broths, applesauce, smoothies, protein drinks, and juices are a great place to start when looking for foods. Fruit smoothies and juices are great for the healing process because of the vitamins in them.

Avoid chunky soups and broths. You want to limit the need to chew as your teeth are going to be sensitive and there may be some discomfort. Chewing also prevents the healing process working as efficiently as possible.

Try to keep the liquids as cool as possible. This helps to prevent sensitivity issues with the teeth. You’ll also want to avoid alcohol as it will interact with the medication you get.

After the Initial Healing Process

Once your dental implants in Mill Creek start to heal, you can move onto slightly more solid foods. Work with cooked and soft foods as much as possible. Opt for things like porridge oats, mashed or boiled potatoes (and sweet potatoes!), eggs, soft pasta, dairy products, and fish. You’ll also want to add some leafy greens like kale and spinach to your diet to help with the healing process.

Your mouth may still be sensitive within the first six weeks of healing. Work with what you feel comfortable with and you can start adding more and more tougher options as the weeks go on. If you feel pain, stop eating and speak to your dentist.

You can enjoy foods after you’ve had dental implants in Mill Creek. You just need to give the healing process a little time to make sure you take care of your new smile.