A dental crown in North Seattle is a great way to protect the tooth after a root canal. There are other reasons to look into crowns, but they’re not the perfect option for all. They also don’t last forever.

Like with your regular teeth, you need to put in work to protect your dental crown. It’s also important to look out for signs that the crown is failing. Looking out for the early signs will prevent infection and serious problems in the future. Here are three signs to look out for.

Toothache Where the Crown Is

It should be obvious, but a lot of people do ignore some toothaches. This could be because it was just a temporary feeling, with people thinking it was nothing serious to worry about. The problem is that serious problems will start with mild side effects.

If you feel pain, you need to pay attention to it. This is the first sign that your dental crown in North Seattle is failing. Your mouth is telling you that there’s a problem that needs looking into.

Your dentist will want to look at the crown and take an x-ray. It’s important to look underneath the crown to see what’s going on. If it wasn’t sealed properly, the damage could be to the tooth underneath, and this can go ignored until it’s too late to save the tooth.

Your Gums Are Inflamed

Inflamed gums happen for a variety of reasons. Your dentist will talk about them at your regular checkups. Something that you want to keep an eye on is swelling where the dental crown in North Seattle is.

Inflammation is a sign of a bigger problem, especially if it’s localized. This is your body trying to fight off a problem, usually an infection. If you leave it too long, it could develop into a serious infection that requires surgery and hospital visits. It’s essential that you get this looked at immediately.

If you mention swelling around the crown to your dentist, they’ll likely get you in right away. They know how serious this problem can be.

Visible Damage to the Dental Crown

Sometimes, you’ll be able to see that the dental crown in North Seattle is failing. There will be some sort of visible damage to the tooth, whether it’s cracked or just seems to be out of position. Another sign is along the gum line. You may be able to see that it’s not sealed properly.

It could be the smallest thing that you see, but you want to get to the dentist right away. The earlier you see the signs of the crown failing, the easier it will be to fix the damage. This could mean sealing the crown again, or it could mean having to re-do the whole thing. At least you’re not suffering pain and other dental problems because you ignored it.

Once you get a dental crown in North Seattle, you’ll need to take steps to look after it. Look out for signs it’s failing so you can get immediate care to prevent more serious side effects.