You’ve been for your routine clean with your dentist in Haller Lake. It mostly went fine, but there was some pain here or there. Or maybe you had pain at a previous visit and now you’re worried about getting pain again.

It’s always wort talking t your dentist about any pain you have while there. If you’re worried about pain, you’ll want to discuss that too. However, we can look at the most common reasons for pain during the cleaning process.

There’s Hard Tartar in Your Teeth

If you don’t floss or clean your teeth that well, your dentist in Haller Lake will need to do more work during the cleaning. This can be uncomfortable as your dentist gets between your teeth to get rid of the build-up. If it’s been left there too long, it becomes hard tartar, which is much harder to remove.

When this happens, it can be painful on the teeth. You may also feel like your jaw aches if you have to have it open for too long. You can talk to your dentist about this pain to make sure it’s just the cleaning process and not something more serious.

It’s important to sit through this process. You can then prevent it happening again with a good cleaning routine at home. You’ll also want to visit your dentist regularly.

Your Teeth May Be Sensitive

Some people have sensitive teeth. This is often the case if you’ve had extra dental work, or you have a few teeth with fillings. It could also be the case if your teeth are slowly decaying and there’s a problem starting on the inside. Your dentist in Haller Lake will need to know about the pain you feel during this process.

Your dentist will be able to look at your teeth to see what the cause of the sensitivity is. If it’s all your teeth, it could be a gum problem. If it’s one specific tooth, it could be a sign of decay and your dentist will want to look at it in more detail to protect the tooth and the rest of the mouth.

Your Gums Are Sore

Gum disease is a big concern for dentists. During the cleaning process, the tools can catch the gums and cause some discomfort. If the gingivitis is so bad, you could end up with more pain than you’d like. This is something your dentist in Haller Lake will need to know about.

Your dentist will already see the swollen gums. It is probably something that’s brought up during the visit. Your dentist will need to know about any pain around there so they can look at the seriousness of the gum disease. This is the best way to know which actions to take to prevent sensitivity and the gum disease getting any worse.

Mention pain to your dentist in Haller Lake during your regular cleaning. This helps your dentist figure out the reason for it so it doesn’t get worse in the future.