Not everything is considered an emergency, even if it feels like it should be. You don’t always need to go to an emergency dentist in Shoreline.

Emergency dentists tend to cost more for the rush job, especially if it’s out of hours. You may also have to see someone who isn’t your regular dentist, and that is uncomfortable and scary for some. Do you really need to rush to the emergency dentist, or can you wait a little longer for an appointment at your own dentist?

What Doesn’t Need an Emergency Dentist in Shoreline?

While uncomfortable and annoying, a lot of dental problems aren’t actually emergencies. This is especially the case when it comes to toothache. In the majority of cases, a toothache isn’t going to be an emergency. Usually, the toothache has been there for a while, or it is just the first sign that there is a problem in your mouth that eventually needs to be fixed.

A lot of people will go some time with dental problems. They don’t hurt too much, or they’re not causing many difficulties. These problems will get worse eventually, but you have time to book an appointment with your regular dentist and look through all your options that can end up much cheaper than the emergency dentist in Shoreline.

A chipped or cracked tooth isn’t always necessarily an emergency, either. If there is no blood or pain, you can wait for a regular appointment. This will depend on where the crack has formed, as you don’t want to cause damage to your gums or cheeks.

When to Immediately Call Your Own Dentist

There are times that you’ll put off the care. You don’t want to do this because it will lead to further issues. However, you don’t necessarily need to call the emergency dentist in Shoreline. You want to call your own dentist and discuss the problems.

If you’ve lost a filling, suffered a cracked or chipped tooth, or have some pain in your tooth, the best thing to do is to call your dentist straight away. If this happens overnight, you can wait until the morning in the majority of cases. Your dentist will decide whether it’s something that needs to be seen to right away or if it’s something to deal with later in the week or month.

What Is Classed as an Emergency?

There are a few cases where you will need an emergency dentist in Shoreline. The first is if you’ve suffered trauma to the mouth. This could involve falling off a bike, being involved in a car accident, or having a sporting injury. It’s something that leads to broken or missing teeth or some sort of other injury to the mouth. This can lead to further problems if not cared for right away.

Severe toothache is considered an emergency. This would be toothache that stops you from sleeping or doing anything. You’ll need to seek immediate attention as this is a sign of infection, which can lead to an abscess and other serious complications.

Not all dental problems are emergencies. It’s best to know when you need to see an emergency dentist in Shoreline so you can save money if you don’t need one right away.