We all tell a few white lies here and there. Sure, there are some that you will tell a dentist near me in Mill Creek, but there are some that you need to stop telling.

While you want your dentist to think the best of you, you also need to be honest. Your dentist is going to be able to tell from the look of your teeth if something doesn’t add up, and they’ve heard all the lies that people tell. By telling lies, you run the risk of not getting the medical help you may eventually need. Here are four lies you need to stop telling right away.

That You Don’t Grind Your Teeth

You know that teeth grinding is bad for you. It’s something a dentist near me in Mill Creek has mentioned time and time again. There are clear signs on the teeth when you’re grinding your teeth. You may not realize that you’re doing it if it’s at night, and that’s something to be honest about.

By knowing you’re a teeth grinder, your dentist can take steps to help protect your teeth. Mouth guards are popular on a night if you do it subconsciously.

That the Pain Isn’t That Bad

Don’t devalue the pain you’re in. There’s a reason you’ve booked an appointment with a dentist near me in Mill Creek. You want to get help for a dental problem you have. If you lie about the level of pain, there’s a chance the whole problem won’t be solved.

Make it clear that you are in pain. This will get you seen at the right time before the problem gets any worse.

You also want to speak up during the procedure. It’s okay to say the procedure hurts. This will mean the dentist offers a little more anesthetic so you can get the procedure done without trauma afterward.

That You’re Not Scared of the Dentist Near Me in Mill Creek

Be honest about any dental anxiety that you have. The dentists have heard everything from patients, and they understand. There was a time that dentists didn’t really have a great bedside manner and just got on with things. Children develop anxiety for all sorts of reasons.

When you’re honest about your anxiety, your new dentist can help. This is the best way to get the right treatment, whether you need some sort of anxiety-reducing medication before you visit, or all your work needs to be done through heavy sedation.

That You Always Floss After Brushing

We know we’re meant to floss once a day at least. How many of us can realistically say that we do it? Once you’ve got into a routine, it’s great, but your dentist near me in Mill Creek will know the truth based on the look of your teeth.

Poor flossing habits lead to gum disease. Your dentist will help to clean out debris, but you’ll need to be upfront about your flossing habits and look at changing them.

A good dentist isn’t going to lecture you for the truth. You do need to be honest, though. Now is the time to stop lying to the dentist near me in Mill Creek.