You need to get a tooth filling in Mill Creek. This is important for your overall oral health, but it can be nerve-wracking for some patients. You may have had a bad experience in the past, or maybe you’ve just always been nervous at the dentist.

You’ll want to be as calm as possible when in the chair. This helps your dentist get the job done with minimal problems. Here are our top tips for calming the nerves before getting your tooth filling.

Ask Your Dentist to Go Through the Procedure

When your dentist tells you that you need a tooth filling in Mill Creek, talk about it. Share that you’re nervous. Most of the time, it’s simply because you don’t know what to expect. As humans, we fear the unknown. It’s why we don’t like sticking our hands in boxes if we don’t know what’s on the other side even if we know it’s going to be safe.

Your dentist will be able to go through what to expect during the procedure. Some dentists will even be able to show some of the tools used.

Even if you don’t want to know what to expect, you can tell your dentist you’re nervous. This helps them go slow and check up on you during the procedure.

Plan Ahead for Your Tooth Filling in Mill Creek

Make sure you schedule your appointment on a good day for you. What else do you have to do that day? Find a day that involves no other appointments. It just helps you feel less rushed throughout the day.

You can also plan something fun to do after the trip that will help calm your nerves. You’ll want to avoid food afterward, but you can do a bit of retail therapy. You may not feel up for being out of the house after because of the numbing gel. Why not plan a relaxing day at home where you can read a book and just watch a bit of TV so you don’t have to think?

The key is to have something you’re looking forward to afterward as a treat. And at the end of the day, you can plan a good meal since you may not have eaten much leading up to the appointment.

Consider Medications to Help Sooth Anxiety

If the anxiety often gets the better of you, you’ll want to consider looking into some treatments. Your doctor will be able to prescribe some medications, but you’ll want to talk to your dentist before your tooth filling in Mill Creek. Make sure the medication doesn’t mix badly with the procedure.

Your dentist may have something that helps to calm the nervous. Laughing gas is one of the most common medications used in the dental office. Some dentists may even have more effective options that are perfect for calming patients before a procedure.

The tip is to be honest. Your dentist will understand if you’re nervous about your tooth filling in Mill Creek. A lot of patients are. There’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.