You’re looking at ways to straighten your teeth. You know all about braces, but your dentist has suggested Invisalign. Before you jump to getting this, you need to look at the Invisalign cost in North Seattle.

It’s worth comparing the cost of Invisalign to the cost of getting braces. You’ll also want to look at the cost outright and the cost with insurance. Make sure you look into your insurance coverage as not all will cover Invisalign or braces.

Invisalign Tends to Cost More Than Braces

Metal braces tend to cost the least when it comes to getting straight teeth. They’re the more traditional route and don’t use newer technology. Invisalign looks good, but because the technology is still on the newer side and fewer people are jumping at this option, the cost remains on the higher side.

This is both with and without insurance. You’ll find that Invisalign cost in North Seattle is just higher than the more traditional options.

This applies to both upfront and ongoing costs, too. So, if the total cost of your dental work is the deciding factor, metal braces are going to win.

Not All Insurance Companies Cover Invisalign Cost in North Seattle

Now for a little bit of bad news for those who would like Invisalign. There are high chances that you’ll need to pay out of pocket for the initial treatment and any ongoing needs. A lot of insurance companies still don’t cover the costs for this type of dental work yet. It’s all due to it being newer technology and considered cosmetic.

Metal braces aren’t suggested purely for cosmetic reasons. They’re used to help straighten the teeth to improve oral health. A misshapen mouth leads to more plaque and tartar buildup, leading to a higher risk of gum disease.

Sure, Invisalign will do the same thing. However, metal braces cost less, so insurance companies don’t want to spend the extra amount on something that isn’t necessary. Why cover something more expensive when something cheaper does the exact same job? The only difference is aesthetics.

Invisalign Can Sometimes Take Longer Than Metal Braces

Then you have to look at the treatment time. It can take longer for Invisalign to get the same results as metal braces. This has a knock-on effect for Invisalign cost in North Seattle. The longer it takes to get the desired outcome, the more expensive the treatment is going to be.

Technology has improved. Invisalign treatments can be around the same time as metal braces. However, it requires patients doing the work and using their Invisalign products properly. With metal braces, it’s not possible to remove them during the day to eat. Those with Invisalign can and then they end up not putting the brace back in, meaning it takes longer to straighten the teeth.

When it comes to getting something to straighten the teeth, you need to look at the cost. The Invisalign cost in North Seattle is more than braces, especially if you factor in the length of time it can take to straighten the teeth.