If your child plays some type of contact sport, your dentist will recommend getting a mouthguard. They’re important for kids dental in Seattle, but you will need to make sure the mouthguard is looked after.

Not sure they’re going to be worth the money? Here’s how mouthguards protect the teeth and gums.

Protecting from Teeth and Jaw Injuries

Playing contact sports is fun. The problem is the contact. There are all sorts that can go wrong, and we all take on the risks of that. You still want to take precautions against the risks. You’d wear a helmet to protect the head, so why not a mouthguard to protect the teeth and jaw?

There are a lot of accidents that happen due to contact sport, and they will affect kids dental in Seattle now and in the future. It can be something minor like a chipped tooth that is easy to fix, but it could also be something more serious like a whole tooth knocked out or some serious gum damage.

With the mouthguard in place, the teeth and gums are protected from some of the knocks. The material of the mouthguard takes the hit and keeps the teeth in place.

Custom Mouthguards for Better Kids Dental in Seattle

You can get mouthguards from the local store. These are made to be “one size fits all,” but we all know that our mouths are completely different. This can cause problems for comfort. A store-bought mouthguard can end up cutting into the gums while being worn. This will cause some problems for the oral health.

You’ll want to look at getting custom-made mouthguards. You can buy them online or your dentist can arrange to have them made up. You’ll be sent a pack that has a mold that creates the shape of the teeth. That mold is used to create the mouthguard for your child’s specific use.

The custom mouthguards fit better. They are also custom made with the latest technology to offer even better protection for your child’s mouth.

Cleaning Mouthguards Is Important for Oral Health

While mouthguards are important for good kids dental in Seattle, you’ll also need to make sure they’re clean. Cleaning the mouthguard after use is essential. Okay, so straight away, it’s likely to be packed up, thrown in a bag with the rest of the kit, and you go home. You need to care for it as soon as you get home.

Salvia builds up in the mouthguard. This can lead to bacteria growing in the device. If the mouthguard isn’t fully cleaned before the next use, the bacteria goes straight back into the mouth. This then grows on the teeth and gums, leading to some serious oral health problems. Good maintenance will prevent the bacteria growth, protecting the gums and teeth.

Now is the time to make sure your children’s oral health is protected. Dentists highly recommend mouthguards, especially for contact sports. Get a custom one for the best kids dental in Seattle.