Tooth extraction is far more common than you would think. People need to have teeth removed for all sorts of reasons, although decay is one of the biggest. After having a tooth extracted, you need to consider dental implants in Mill Creek.

Dental implants will plug that gap that’s created. It doesn’t matter why the tooth was removed; the dental implant is far more than a cosmetic benefit to your mouth.

Implants Help to Protect Your Other Teeth

Dental implants in Mill Creek are like a bridge between your other teeth. Usually, when a tooth is extracted, there are teeth either side of the gap. This is often one lone tooth on one side.

Your teeth work together to support each other. They hold each other up and prevent weakening at the roots. When there’s a gap, the teeth can start to fall into each other. They’ve lost that support, so you end up with weakening teeth.

People without implants or some sort of bridge will end up losing other teeth. That’s especially the case for the lone teeth at the back of the mouth. A dental implant will help to prevent this, offering the support that was removed when your tooth was extracted.

You Don’t Have Bone Loss with Dental Implants in Mill Creek

There are various ways to bridge that gap in the teeth. Dentures are popular options, but they can affect the bone within the mouth. The dentures are drilled into the bone to help support the surrounding teeth. This leads to some bone loss, which can be a problem in the future.

In fact, depending on the health of your bones, you may not be able to have dentures. This is something your dentist will discuss.

To avoid bone loss, you’ll want to look at getting dental implants instead. They replace the tooth and don’t involve any drilling into the mouth. They are still sturdy, unlike a set of false teeth.

No Extra Care

Dentures and some other bridgework options will require extra care. It’s time consuming and can lead to further problems down the line if you don’t do it.

Dental implants aren’t like that. They don’t require extra care other than normal brushing and flossing. You will need to make sure you stay on top of this to avoid future issues with tooth decay.

You’ll Get Your Smile Back

While dental implants in Mill Creek aren’t just about cosmetic value, there is a cosmetic element to them. Having gaps in your teeth can be embarrassing. There are many people who have said they’re afraid to smile, worried about what other people will think.

The dental implant covers up that gap that’s been created. You get that uninterrupted smile. You can also get the functionality of your mouth back, making it easier to chew!

When you have a tooth extracted, you need to think about filling the gap. This is especially the case when the gap sits in the middle of teeth. Dental implants in Mill Creek are certainly worth the cost.