When it comes to dental care in Mill Creek, you’ll hear that you should brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once. While brushing is easy, there are chances that you skip over the flossing part. It’s not that important, is it?

It’s time to assess the importance of flossing. How much damage to your teeth and gums are you doing?

Brushing Teeth Only Isn’t Enough

While brushing twice a day is definitely good for your oral health, it isn’t enough. You want to carry out full dental care in Mill Creek. This includes floss.

Brushing will get to the surface of your teeth. What it doesn’t do is get into the gaps. No matter how great your toothbrush is, the bristles aren’t enough to get into the gaps around your gum line, leading to a buildup of plaque in there.

Floss will get rid of that. With flossing, you pull out the gunk that builds up. This prevents gum disease.

Reduce Gum Irritation

As well as getting rid of the plaque, flossing will help to get rid of gum irritation. The buildup within the gaps will get into the gum line. This can lead to inflammation.

Every now and then, you may feel like your gums are swollen and sore. They may be red and sensitive to touch. This can go away on its own, but it sometimes gets much worse and can lead to abscesses.

Making flossing part of your regular dental care in Mill Creek helps to avoid that. You get rid of the food and buildup that does get stuck in the gums and causes irritation. You reduce the chances of abscesses while making your mouth a more comfortable place.

Good Dental Care in Mill Creek Improves Your Breath Smell

The plaque and buildup in your mouth will lead to one major daily problem: bad breath. No matter how much you brush, if you don’t floss, you end up allowing bacteria to grow in your gum line and within the gaps of your teeth. It’s important to get rid of all that.

You will notice when you floss that it smells. That’s what you’re removing from your mouth. Imagine the smell if you let that build up over time!

You’ll also want to use mouthwash now and then. This can kill the bacteria at the back of the mouth and along with the tongue, further helping to improve the smell of your breath.

The Best Time to Floss

So, should you floss in the morning or at night? The best time is on a night if you’re only going to do this once a day. The nighttime routine helps to get rid of the food that has built up throughout the day. You’ll get rid of the gunk that can lead to plaque buildup and bad breath.

If you let it harbor overnight, there’s more chance of bacteria forming. You don’t want that!

It’s time to add flossing to your routine for dental care in Mill Creek. Brushing isn’t enough to protect your mouth.