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Dr. Furman attended a life-saving training seminar to understand the risks that diabetes, sleep apnea/ snoring, acid reflux, and cardiovascular disease can have on a patient’s overall health.  This learning session featured presentations from world-renowned epidemiologists and dental health professionals with over 30 years of experience studying the mouth as a gateway to the body.


How many people everyday walk around with signs and symptoms that can lead to heart attack, stroke, diabetes, sleep apnea and worse?   The rate of obesity is sky-rocketing in the United States with a large portion of the population going undiagnosed. Even healthy-looking individuals may have high levels of cholesterol and not know it!


Interestingly, everything begins in the oral cavity with our teeth and gums. Gum disease (ie: bleeding gums and high levels of oral bacteria) can lead to stroke, heart attack and diabetes.  Smoking, obesity, lifestyle and other risk factors can cause heart disease and diabetes to go undedicated for years until there is a medical crisis.


Now, we are able to offer a simple chair-side screening at your dental visit to check vital counts in the blood:  we can detect the levels of cholesterol as well as glucose within 10 minutes!  It is non-invasive and simple.  Washington Dental Service or Delta Dental now covers this service for all patients at no extra charge through the month of December.   Patients with no insurance only pay $40.


We are so proud to be one of a few offices that have gone through the training to offer this new and innovative screening test to help our patients.  This information can dramatically improve the quality of life. Also, to check for signs of sleep apnea/ snoring and acid reflux that manifest themselves with certain indicators in the mouth.


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