Smiles for everyone!

Having dental insurance can be a wonderful thing for patients who need to take care of dental issues.  And for families with children!  Usually a check-up and a cleaning is FREE with insurance because it is a benefit covered at 100%.


Some cases are even more important:  patients who need dental caps (crowns), root canal therapy, dentures or anything else that involves significant work may only need to pay a fraction out-of-pocket compared to patients who have no insurance.  Some people don’t know there is a problem until they have an exam, which is why a check-up can avoid emergency / painful situations on weekends!


If you have excellent dental hygiene and no cavities, a cleaning twice a year is all that is recommended! For that, we offer our $99 special and dental insurance may not be necessary.


Usually having dental insurance involves paying a premium every month for the benefits you obtain every year.  It is important to take advantage of your insurance and benefits, otherwise you are just wasting benefits every month.  Preventative care like a simple cleaning  is usually covered at 100% by insurance.


Not all insurances are created equal. Some have better benefits than others.  Your annual maximum is a good place to start. This usually ranges from $750-3000 per year in dental care!  Our office uses your insurance company’s contracted fee which can be covered 50- 100% minimizing your co-pay (or out-of-pocket expense).  So if you need a cleaning, filling, mouth-guard, whitening, varnish, crown, etc. etc.  then it’s important to schedule an appointment.


The analogy is like getting a gift certificate for $1000+ that has an expiration date, and not using it and losing it!  Don’t let your dollars go to waste, especially if they are coming out of a paycheck every month. Many people forget that they have dental insurance.  It is so easy to check ….it takes our receptionist 5 minutes and is free for you!


Use your dental benefits before they go!