It can seem a little odd to think about cosmetic dentistry in South Everett for children. After all, their mouths are still growing and they’re still losing teeth. However, there are times that you’ll want to consider it.

Children under seven don’t tend to need cosmetic dentistry. It’s going to involve something major that happens to the mouth to lead to anything other than the regular check-ups, cleans, and the odd filling to be needed. It’s after seven that changes happen and the adult teeth start to come through.

Improving the Whiteness of Teeth in Children

Some children can feel self-conscious about their teeth. This can lead to them asking for some cosmetic dentistry in South Everett. It’s something to think about, but it doesn’t mean heading to the dentist for permanent work is going to be needed.

One of the issues for a lot of children is the color of their teeth. Due to some foods and drinks, the teeth can start to go yellow. Some of the staining comes off with regular cleans at the dentist, but the teeth can end up staining, and you need to take steps to repair that damage. As children become teenagers, they are even more self-conscious about the way their teeth look.

If it gets bad, it could be worth a trip to the dentist for cosmetic work. This is something for you and your child’s dentist to discuss.

Remove the Gaps in the Teeth

As children start to see their adult teeth grow through, they will see the way their smile is going to look. You can see if there are any gaps in the mouth, and this could be something that ends up requiring some cosmetic dentistry in South Everett. This is one of the main reasons a dentist will suggest cosmetic work when a child is young.

Gaps in the teeth can cause bigger problems down the line. The teeth need to be next to each other to support one another. Any gaps will lead to teeth leaning or twisting. You want to give your child the best chance as a healthy smile. This is more than just the way the smile looks but about the overall health of the gums.

It doesn’t matter why the gaps formed. Dentists will sometimes consider cosmetic work if it’s the only option. However, braces could also help with this.

When Teeth Are Lost Too Soon

There is some cosmetic dentistry in South Everett that could be considered for younger children. This happens when they lose a baby tooth too soon, and usually when it involves one of the back teeth that are supposed to last for the first 10 years or so.

If a child loses a tooth too soon, it can lead to a crooked smile. The other teeth try to fill the gap, and there isn’t room for the adult tooth to come through. Opting for a temporary fake tooth is a great way to prevent that becoming a problem, but it will depend on the age of the child.

There are a few reasons to consider cosmetic dentistry in South Everett for children. However, this is more a case for older children and teenagers rather than those under seven.