When you have a toothache, you know you need to see a dentist. The toothache may not be severe enough for an emergency dentist. You want to see your family dentist in South Everett, but that means waiting a day or two.

So, you need to find ways to get rid of the pain. At least, deal with the pain. You could take painkillers, but there are natural remedies that could help, as well.

Use a Cold Compress

You’ll hear a lot about a cold compress for a lot of health issues. This is because it’s one of the best options, and it works almost immediately. The compress will help to restrict the blood vessels, and this helps to reduce the pain. You’ll experience a drop in the pain within 20 minutes of applying the compress.

You don’t want to keep the cold compress on for long. You’ll also want to talk to your family dentist in South Everett before you jump straight to his to make sure this isn’t an emergency.

Opt for Clove Oil or a Whole Clove

Cloves are natural pain relievers, and you can get them anywhere. They are great for meals and overall health issues, and you can turn them into teas to drink. This isn’t what you want to do to help with your current toothache, though.

You can chew a whole clove. Make sure you chew on the side where the toothache is as you want to release all the natural oils from the clove into the area. This may not taste too great.

The other option is to put some clove oil on a cotton ball and place that directly where the toothache is. Again, it’s not going to taste too great, but it’s going to do the job while you wait to see your family dentist in South Everett.

Add Peppermint Tea to Your Day

Peppermint tea has been a popular home remedy for all types of illnesses for years. This includes for pain. You can use peppermint tea for toothache, and you don’t even need to drink it if you don’t want. Use it as a mouthwash instead.

Peppermint has numbing qualities to it. You will immediately feel some relief.

If you use teabags, you can wait for them to cool and then place them on the tooth that hurts. This will help to add the numbing qualities directly onto the affected tooth.

Of course, if you struggle with pain due to a cavity, the placement directly onto the tooth may not be a good idea. You’ll just want to swish to get the numbing properties.

Always talk to your family dentist in South Everett before you try any of the home remedies for pain relief. If you’re in a lot of pain, it could be an emergency need, which means you’ll be called in as soon as possible. If it is mild, your pain shouldn’t be too bad for a day or two, but your dentist may want you to avoid putting anything directly on the tooth.