You’ll hear about all the times that you probably need a crown. Some of those instances make sense, such as when you have a root canal. What about when you have a chipped tooth in Seattle? Do you really need a crown?

Your dentist may recommend one, but it will be up to you when it comes to it. Your dentist will just explain the reasons behind the crown. Of course, you’re wondering if this is just another way to get money out of you (or your insurance), so you’ll want to make sure a crown really is necessary.

The Chip Affects the Integrity of the Tooth

Depending on the type of chipped tooth in Seattle that you have, the damage may have affected more of the tooth. If you’ve just chipped the bottom of your tooth a little, it could probably be filed down to avoid a sharp piece and you can be on your way. However, there are times that the chips do deeper, or there are cracks that form on other parts of the tooth.

The whole tooth has been affected by this crack. It leads to damage that could cause the tooth to break away in the future. You could end up with more cavities, or the tooth may need to be pulled sooner than you’d like. A crown could be a great way to protect the overall tooth, as it doesn’t have to deal with the constant impact of chewing.

A Crown Looks Better for Your Smile

Our teeth are constantly on show. If we have bad teeth, there’s a chance that we avoid smiling and it can affect other parts of our lives. If you have a chipped tooth in Seattle, you could end up being affected on a personal level. You know that tooth is going to be on show when you smile or speak.

A crown is going to help cover that crack up. It goes over the top of the tooth, making it look like you have a great tooth in your mouth. There’s no need to worry about covering it up when you smile. It’s one less thing in your life to be self-conscious about.

That crack could affect more than your self-esteem. It could end up affecting your ability to get a promotion at work, or to land that job you really want. That little extra on your tooth will be an investment in your life.

It Depends on the Severity of the Crack

It’s all going to come down to the severity of the crack. If your dentist is suggesting a crown for the chipped tooth in Seattle, it suggests that the damage is much deeper than it initially looks like. A major crack can lead to infection and cavities, and your dentist is just trying to avoid them. A minor crack can be repaired with dental bonding, fillings, and other more minor treatments.

Your dentist doesn’t recommend things just for the money. At least, a good dentist won’t. A crown really could be the best thing for your chipped tooth in Seattle.