It’s important to take advice from a dental clinic near me in Mill Creek to reduce your need for appointments. This is more than just brushing and flossing. You want to limit the problems in your mouth and take steps to clear problems up quickly that you can.

Canker sores are common. They often happen due to a high intake of acidic fruits, hormonal changes, or even changes to your medication. While you can’t always prevent them, you can help clear them up quickly.

Create Your Own Mouth Rinse

Since acid will make the sore worse, you’ll want to find a way to balance the pH levels in your mouth. An alkaline rinse is the way to go for this. You can use salt or baking soda to help with the balancing and the healing process.

A quick option is to add some salt to water and just rinse your mouth out. Pay attention around the sore. This is going to sting, but it is a great way to reduce inflammation and repair damage.

If you want something that stings less, make a baking soda paste. You’ll need to apply this directly to the sore, and you may feel a little bit of tingling. The benefit is you’re putting the paste directly on the problem and you’ll be able to get to the deeper parts of the sore to deal with it from the inside out.

Opt for Aloe Vera Products

If you have an aloe vera plant in your house, it’s time to use it for its medicinal purposes. The liquid from the plant is a great way to balance out the problems with the canker sore.

You don’t need to get a plant. You can get cooling gels and other products with aloe vera in that are safe to put in the mouth. Place the gel on the sore directly and you’ll see the inflammation reduce quickly. This also helps to soothe the pain from the sore.

Don’t worry about this being harmful to the rest of your body. In fact, aloe vera is one of the best options for all sorts of conditions inside and out.

Use Some Hydrogen Peroxide

This is going to sting and it is not going to taste good, but you can deal with canker sores with some hydrogen peroxide. This has antiseptic properties, so it will help to clean out the sore and get rid of the bacteria that is making it worse.

You want to mix this with water. Do not swallow it; it’s as a rinse only. You can also place it on a cotton pad and put that in the mouth directly on the sore. This is a great option for children who don’t quite understand the not swallowing part.

You don’t need to see a dentist near me in Mill Creek for everything. There are certain problems that you can take care of at home, and canker sores are just one of them. You likely have the ingredients already.