Dentistry for children in North Seattle is important. You want to set your children up with positive experiences, so they look after their teeth as they get older. That means making everything seem like fun when they’re children.

How can you make dentistry fun? Your dentist can help, and here are four tips to get started.

Take a Tour Around the Dentist’s Office

Talk to your dentist about a tour. Your dentist will want dentistry for children in North Seattle to be fun too, so if they can arrange it, they will. If you can’t do a full tour, just a look at the tools and how they work is often enough. Some dentists have cute names for the tools to connect with their younger patients.

There are also virtual tours available. Head online to YouTube or even TikTok to see dentists there sharing their workplaces and making the place look fun for children. Watch out for the more horrifying videos. Look for them yourself and save them so you can then show your children.

Create a Reward Chart for Tooth Brushing

Children want to be praised for doing things. There’s nothing wrong with doing that. It helps to set up good routines, and you can make dentistry for children in North Seattle fun at the same time.

Sticker charts are a great way to reward your children. At the end of the month, they can get a reward. Make sure you look at rewards for partial successes, too. Children are human and mistakes happen. They can’t be afraid to lose the reward for one mistake, otherwise what’s the point in continuing if they mess up at the start of the month?

Make Tooth Brushing Time Fun

There are lots of ways to make oral hygiene fun. You can have toothbrushes that light up or have a song that’s played. Your dentist will be able to help with this, as they’ll often have ways to make it fun for children while they’re getting their teeth cleaned.

Making dentistry for children in North Seattle fun is the best way to avoid the feeling like it’s a chore. They end up looking forward to brushing their teeth and flossing. Even when young, you can get them to do their own teeth before doing them for them (or vice versa) so they get used to the experience and feel like they’re helping.

Let Them Dress Up

When it comes to a trip to the dentist, you don’t need to worry about them wearing specific clothes. Your dentist will see them whether they’re in school uniforms, general playing out clothes, or their Disney princess dress. It doesn’t matter. The aim is to make dentistry for children in North Seattle fun.

Let your children dress up if they want to. Let them feel like they’re going to a ball or let them pretend they’re Elsa for a trip to the dentist instead of themselves. This can help them get used to the experience and it makes it fun for them.

Good oral hygiene is important. The best way to do that is to make dentistry for children in North Seattle fun.