Depending on the state of your teeth, you may have heard your dentist suggest a referral to a prosthodontist in North Seattle. This may be something you’ve never heard of, so you want to learn more.

A prosthodontist has specialized in work with the teeth. You’ll get a smile that looks more natural, but it isn’t going to be the cheapest work you’ve ever had done. A lot of insurances will cover some of the costs, so it’s worth talking to your insurance company.

What Does a Prosthodontist Do?

A prosthodontist in North Seattle specializes in cosmetic dentistry. The aim is to change your teeth and facial features in a way to boost your self esteem. Not all insurance companies will cover something that is purely cosmetic, but there are times that this is a medical need depending on what’s happened to your teeth and why.

A prosthodontist doesn’t just change your smile for your needs. The aim is to repair your natural teeth and replace any missing teeth that you have. This can mean removing some of the teeth you already have, even if they look good from the outside. You’ll get dentures and implants or maybe something like a cap or crown to make your smile look more natural and flattering.

Your prosthodontist in North Seattle is likely recommended due to neck or head deformities. They go through training to help replace parts of the jaw or face that may be missing, which is where they are a medical necessity. This isn’t just about repairing damage or looking flattering. It’s about improving quality of life overall.

Why You May See a Prosthodontist

If your dentist recommends that you see a prosthodontist in North Seattle, it’s worth discussing the reason why. There are a lot of reasons why this could be recommending, and some are simply cosmetic reasons. There are also various medical reasons, whether it’s birth-related, an accident, or something that you’ve noticed as you’ve gotten older that is causing medical issues.

If you’re looking at getting bridges and dentures replaced, your dentist may want you to see a prosthodontist first. This will allow a specialist to assess your mouth to make sure you get the best size and shape.

One of the most common reasons to see a specialist is for sleep or snoring issues. This can be linked to the way the mouth is shaped or due to the jaw and teeth. A specialist will be able to fix the temporomandibular area of the body—the muscles and joints around the jaw. This may also be recommended if you have problems when yawning or chewing as there may be an issue with the jaw muscles.

Injuries and diseases can also lead to the need to see a specialist. A prosthodontist in North Seattle is often the first port of call after an accident to the face. If it’s just a broken tooth, your own dentist can usually fix this. However, some injuries are more traumatic and can lead to broken jaws or problems with the gums. A specialist will help determine the best course of action.

The same applies due to cancer or other diseases of the mouth. You may have needed to have some tissue removed from the mouth, and a prosthodontist in North Seattle will help reconstruct the area.