You’ve just had a root canal, and your dentist will have placed a temporary dental crown in Mill Creek over it. This is pretty standard, especially if you don’t have the budget or insurance for the full crown. You will need to replace that crown in the future though.

A temporary crown is really only suggested for a year. After that, you’ll want to upgrade to a more permanent fixture. Is it really going to be worth the money, though?

Not Replacing Your Dental Crown in Mill Creek Can Lead to Other Problems

The first thing to consider if your oral health. If you don’t upgrade that temporary crown, you can end up with some major oral health problems. The temporary crown can pop off, leaving the weaker tooth exposed. While you won’t necessarily feel the pain because the nerve is gone, there is still damage that can happen. Not feeling that damage is even more serious.

If you leave the tooth to rot, you will end up with more dental bills in the future. You can also end up with serious problems like gum disease that can’t be rectified. Do you really want to do all that for the sake of the cost of a crown?

Permanent Dental Crowns Are Made to Last Years

Depending on the exact type of crown and the way you look after it, you can make your dental crown in Mill Creek last for years. In most cases, they’re going to last between five and 15 years. If you look after the crown well, you can certainly get that longer time period, which is going to make your crown an investment. Divide the cost of the crown by the 15 years, and you’ll see just how much you’re spending on it each year.

You can even get longer out of some of the permanent options with good care. Even if you don’t, you’re protecting the tooth that had the root canal, and you’re protecting other teeth around it. You’ll save a lot of money in the long run.

You’ll Gain More Confidence with the Permanent Option

It’s surprising how much confidence you gain from your smile. If your damaged tooth is easy to see, you’ll find that you’re more self-conscious about the way it looks. A dental crown in Mill Creek is going to help improve your confidence.

You don’t just get a permanent crown after root canals. Crowns can also protect other teeth, can cover up cracks, and can even simply improve the look of your teeth. You get something that looks like the real deal and doesn’t stain as easily as your own teeth. With more confidence, you’ll end up in a better place in life. Money really can buy happiness when you use it as an investment.

It’s time to look at upgrading that temporary dental crown in Mill Creek. Yes, it does mean spending more money, but this is actually going to be an investment in your oral health and your confidence.