You’re looking at changing dentists, or maybe your family is growing, and you need to consider family dentistry in Seattle now. You may have a dentist that you can trust and want to know if this dentist is good for your child, too.

When you start looking online, you may find that people recommend going to specific dentists in the area for children. Or they may recommend different dentists within the same practice for different ages. Can you get away with everyone seeing the same dentist or should you find different ones?

You Want the Best for the Whole Family

Before we get into things to look out for, it all comes down to quality of treatment for family dentistry in Seattle. You want to find someone who will take care of everyone’s needs.

A child’s set of teeth are very different to an adult’s set of teeth. While it may be inconvenient or annoying to see someone different for every member of the family, it could end up being what’s best for the oral health of each family member. This is certainly the big thing to keep in mind.

Does Your Dentist Specialize in Children?

When it comes to your own dentist, you’ll want to ask a few questions for your children. Will the dentist be able to care for a child’s set of teeth? They are much smaller and there are extra considerations for them to make, especially when it comes to the use of fluoride.

Before you just start booking appointments for the rest of the family, find out whether your dentist specializes in family dentistry in Seattle. Make sure they’re prepare for the smaller teeth and even have the qualifications.

Some dentists may not be comfortable, and that’s okay! They’re being professional telling you that they prefer to only work on adult teeth. Respect that and find a dentist that will cover your child’s needs.

Convenience for All with Family Dentistry in Seattle

Something else you do need to consider is your own convenience. If your current dentist doesn’t feel comfortable working on children, you have to figure out what’s best for you now. Will you stay with your current dentist and find someone else for your children? If you have a dental phobia and are comfortable with your own dentist, this is probably worth doing. While it may not be convenient, it is best for your own mental health.

If you have no problems switching dentists, you’ll want to look at switching everyone. Phone around the dental offices to find a dentist who will cover all needs. There are a lot out there, although you’ll also want to check reviews to see how the dentists are around children as children tend to be nervous in the dentist’s chair.

Convenience can often win out. When you book appointments, you can often get everyone in at the same time back-to-back to save on time. You’re more likely to stick to all the appointments you need.

You don’t have to all see the same dentists, but it is more convenient. It’s something you’ll need to consider when it comes to family dentistry in Seattle.